“Words have meaning.” Imagine the world’s reaction to the so-called Presidential debate.

Having taught Language Arts at the high school level for over a quarter of a century, my students all understood that words have meaning. Being aware of this basic fact is important in all relationships.


Perhaps that needed to be considered as the world watched the stage for the so-called debate which was a performance to be considered. Words have meaning! What was truly debated regarding public education or dozens of other vital issues?



Is it actually possible to have a true debate that considers issues and the positions of Presidential candidates?





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5 Responses to “Words have meaning.” Imagine the world’s reaction to the so-called Presidential debate.

  1. With two more debates to go, by the end of all three, there might be enough substance to add up to half a debate.

    • Ken Previti says:

      As far as debates go, we have not yet seen one between Hillary and Donald. Theater of the Absurd, whether drama or farce, is not a debate.

      • I don’t think it is possible to have an intelligent debate with “The Donald”. He is a bully who doesn’t know much if anything about the issues in this country or the world. He just wants to sling piles of crap made out of lies and see how much sticks. He appeals to Americans who probably don’t know what a real debate is and think whoever is the most creative bully is the winner — reality and facts be damned.

    • Ken Previti says:

      You are, as usual, more optimistic than I am. Hooray for you!

      • One half of three is 16.6 percent, and that 16.6-percent debate will be one sided as Hillary struggles to make valid points and convince the American people they should vote for her instead of the foul mouthed bully that thinks he is god. The rest of the time HRC will be slinging back or ignoring the crap that The Donald keeps throwing at her. The Donald doesn’t know how to or what a debate is.

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