(D) (R) “Make Illinois Great Again”: Lies, Theft, and Posturing

Illinois is a microcosm of every state. The austerity programs in the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world are insane behaviors. The wealthiest is the poorest? This is lunacy.

Yet we are all exposed to this schizophrenic magical thinking every day. Democrats (D) and Republicans (R) cook-up this concoction while adding their own artificial ingredients and chemically dangerous preservatives.

Illinois State Senator Daniel Biss (D) is a cook/concoctor whose goal is re-election at the expense of all we hold fair and just.

Close schools, force children to take expensive and educationally worthless state mandated high stakes tests, force even dying children to undergo these preparations and tests, give American tax money to a foreign testing/text company which avoids fair American taxes, declare children with special needs as not having special needs, do not feed the poor, declare that people who have no state certification in teaching are more competent to teach than experienced and certified teachers with credentials, arrest and imprison people with mental illnesses and/or low intelligence, scapegoat underpaid teachers for causing the financial crisis of states and banks, keep the homeless homeless, legalize paying employees an unlivable wage for years as highly profitable corporations make billions of dollars each year, hand over hard earned taxes from people to corporations as incentives to continue underpaying employees, pass laws (unread by lawmakers) that are thousands of pages long and written by corporate funded foundations and institutions, run prisons for private profit which increases unemployment for non-imprisoned people, pretend that each vote counts during primary elections that select candidates via super-delegates and political party decrees, in the land of the free give media coverage and have local laws that make third party candidates impossible to elect, grant multinational investment corporations non-voidable contracts to control public land and public services for personal profit, attempt to declare contracts to people void even though the earned benefits (pensions) have been plundered by the same politicians writing the old and new laws, pay tax money for the construction of sports arenas or private museums that will profit only the billionaire owners, praise crippled veterans while cutting food stamps and medical treatment payments, etc. – the list goes on and on.

It is a bipartisan list of national self-destructive behavior. Yes, bipartisan.

Prior to the last gubernatorial election, the death of Illinois was subject to death-by-a-thousand-cuts; today Illinois is subject to beheading.

Dismantling government by governmental decree is the suicide of a nation. The highly profitable non-profit foundations are both tax free and subject to governmental tax gifting via incentives and more. The people who make personal fortunes by doing this are honored for their personal wealth by the citizens who are being denied essential and supposedly unaffordable public services. Magical thinking makes people believe the opposite may happen rather than multiply the reality of today. Even PBS stations run special programs about aging backwards and curing incurable diseases at any age with positive thinking.

Democrats (D) and Republicans (R) repeat the insane messages as norms.

Here is one example from an email I received today. Illinois Senator Daniel Biss (D) was in the Democratic controlled state legislature that had a Democratic super-majority and a Democratic governor. They were busily plundering pension systems and declaring them “underfunded” even as the same theft procedure was going on with public schools. Biss and the Democrats ran the hated  (as declared by many elected Democrats) incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn against a totally inexperienced hundreds-of-millionsaire sociopath named Bruce Rauner (R). Quinn had been closing public services and following the same processes as the Republican governors in adjoining states. Quinn, of course, lost.

Today, Senator Biss treated us all as Alzheimer’s patients by claiming that Illinois is suffering from the highest unemployment and debt that can be cured only by electing the Democratic candidates in the 2016 election. [If anyone can tell me the difference between what Gov. Rauner (R) and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) are doing with their policies and behavior, I would greatly appreciate it. Please do not give me rah-rah (D) or (R) magical thinking craziness/sound bites or platforms from the 1940s or 1960s.]

Here is a direct quotation and a screen-shot of today’s email from IL Senator Biss (D) making political promises to Make Illinois Great Again – if Democrats (D) are elected. (The bold face below is mine.)

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 4.13.26 PM

Meanwhile, as the situation grows increasingly dire, the stakes of the 2016 election grow commensurately. This will be our best opportunity to shift the balance of power in Springfield and allow government to work again for ordinary people who have been so cruelly abused for the past year.”
– Senator Daniel Biss (D) – 9th District, Illinois

Magical thinking for purposes of re-election is delusional.

Make Illinois Great Again? The Democratic machine has been led for over 30 years by Speaker of the House Mike Madigan (D) whose decisions are furthered by his daughter, Secretary of State Lisa Madigan – until the Illinois Supreme Court overturned them.

The people of Illinois have had two years to organize and create candidates who represent the people of Illinois rather than the tainted politicians. There is still time left to create candidates for the next gubernatorial election cycle. The same, or something similar, is true in every state.

BUT, we must first rid ourselves and our neighbors of delusional and self-destructive magical (R) (D) thinking.



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One Response to (D) (R) “Make Illinois Great Again”: Lies, Theft, and Posturing

  1. The disruptive fraudster billionaire oligarchs are also working hard to make sure that every choice in most if not all elections from local, county, state, and federal will be for the candidates they hand pic and support financially. When judges are appointed, they want their elected minions to select judges that are also controlled by the oligarchs. The oligarchs are also supporting the campaigns of their own in-the-pocket judges that have to run for election.

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