Peggy Robertson opened the OPT OUT CONFERENCE with six minutes of an overview of where we are and what is next

United Opt Out National Conference: Transcending Resistance, Igniting Revolution spoke the reality of the corporate education reform and its primary purpose of stealing public education tax dollars for private profit.Politicians from both political parties support and spread the propaganda and the lying euphemistic jargon in exchange for campaign contributions and other forms of recently legalized corruption. As parents, teachers and neighbors, our children and their futures are of more concern us. When our children learn and flourish, they and the nation flourish rather than merely enriching a few multinational corporations and the hedge fund/venture fund managers who feed them.

Peggy Robertson, whose Peg With Pen blog has helped ignite the entire Opt Out movement, is one of the founders of UOO. She opened the conference with 6 MINUTES of essential information. View the beginning or the entire YouTube video HERE.


EXCERPTS: And we don’t negotiate with children’s lives in order to get-along and get-a-little…
Our goal has been to tear down the test-and-punish system. We must…
We should celebrate our success. We have made Opt Out mainstream…
Under ESSA, the Every Student Succeeds Act, there will be more testing than ever before…
And ultimately, many of the components of the ESSA will dismantle public education and the teaching profession…
Going-along to get-a-little as our national unions are already doing is not enough…
I call this the Sheeple Syndrome…
We must respond with massive acts of peaceful civil disobedience to tear down the test-and-punish system…
We do not compromise…
We will not go-along to get-a-little…
Nothing short of revolution will get us there.

The full YouTube video is HERE.

CcLL_-fWAAAyX_Q  See United Opt Out Guides by state HERE. Opt Out for your child by following the instructions. Hold you cursor over the green Guides By State to locate yours.

(I apologize for taking so long to post this info. After I returned from the conference I continued with the next stage with my oral surgeon and dentist.)



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One Response to Peggy Robertson opened the OPT OUT CONFERENCE with six minutes of an overview of where we are and what is next

  1. ciedie aech says:

    Thanks for this post. For so many long years I have watched those in charge of my inner-city district sell everyone –– teachers, staff, students and parents –– down the river by negotiating everyone’s rights down just a little bit, and then a little bit more, and then yet even more, year after year until now we simply have no power at all. Robertson’s statement that we “don’t negotiate with children’s lives in order to get-along and get-a-little” speaks to my own horrific experience, and it should become the anti-school-reformer’s everyday mantra.

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