The Hillary/Bernie Political Kabuki Theater Has Been Scripted Just As High Stakes Testing Has

Why must the Democratic Presidential Primary Debate be scripted like the teacher preparation of children for the mandated high stakes tests? The arguments and limits are pre-framed for a targeted consumer.

This will not be a debate. Corporate education reformers who contribute huge amounts of money to candidates and political lobbyists will not be revealed by name. Teachers will continue to be evaluated and fired as children are labeled and monetized within the framework created by billionaire corporate education investors. The faux-debate will also have the preordained candidate who says whatever it takes to get elected. She will be “challenged” by those who are actually there to attack the popular candidate who dares to speak truth to power, Bernie Sanders, who will be painted as the cartoon stereotype of the crabby old man.

Children, parents, teachers and everybody deserves better than this political Kabuki Theater of the Absurd which will take place tonight.

The script has been pre-written. Only the “performers” will be important.

Hillary Bernie Kabuki Debate.001



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3 Responses to The Hillary/Bernie Political Kabuki Theater Has Been Scripted Just As High Stakes Testing Has

  1. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    I’m sorry, Ken, but this post made me laugh (esp. your description of HRC as “queen…protect{ed}
    from ‘grumpy old man.'”) I went to a Bernie Debate Watching Party tonight–so interesting. People there Twittered, & his numbers were high (not so according to CNN analysis–he lost a %age point, as did Joe Biden {who isn’t even running!}, w/ HRC having a big lead)–go figure…

  2. sharsand2013 says:

    Absolutely in agreement with your comments.about the Hillary show. But I think Bernie held his own. Just like Hillary’s email problems, the only problem Bernie has is his gun stance and they will beat it to death and put the real issues aside.

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