Fourteen Year-Old School Children, Rosa Parks, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Planned Parenthood

When presidential candidates train for debates, each of their teams does research for months; the candidates are then coached, rehearsed and prepared for weeks on end. This is basic homework for their debate preparation.

Parks Trump Rubio Cruz.001

Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz all chose Rosa Parks to be on the ten dollar bill as a sign of honor and respect.

After a full night of demonizing Planned Parenthood, this choice showed little if any preparation on the part of all of the candidates. Their statements were bizarre. Rosa Parks was a board member of Planned Parenthood. A simple Google search is sufficient to discover this not-so-secret historical fact. Simple homework.

As a retired language arts teacher with over three decades of teaching experience, I never encountered a single fourteen year-old who gave a presentation so inept. Because I taught all ability levels and listened to thousands of presentations prepared with all degrees of homework (or lack of it), this is saying a great deal. I never encountered a student who didn’t grasp the very basics of his or her own presentation.

Each republican candidate wishes to become the President of the United States of America. The winner will choose a Secretary of Education who will, in conjunction with the President, decide the direction of both public and privatized charter education for American children.

Of course it is obvious that these presidential candidates did not do their homework.


The debates are not debates; the performances put on are mockeries of true debates. The arrogance, lies, distortions and pandering made for a performance that mocked the entire process of free elections. These arrogant candidates said whatever their incredibly wealthy plutocratic campaign donors expect them to say. Shock the audience; stir them up.

The people in the TV audience  were lectured by spin doctor interpreters as to what was meant and who scored what points for the game, and it was a game. Propaganda commercials will flow with money provided by super wealthy campaign donors, their PACs and Super PACs. It’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

As long as mega-corporations with multinational investors are legally considered American people with rights and without accountability or responsibility for the common good, the performances will continue. Performances disguised as debates. Corruption as government. Money as freedom. Plutocracy as democracy. Puppets as leaders.

If I had had the republican candidates as fourteen year-old students in my classes, they would have failed their presentations. The reasons for the failing grades are obvious.

In this corrupted environment, reason is not a factor. The winner in this debate/game will arbitrarily determine which schools, teachers, and students will fail.

Whoever is elected will determine the destiny of our children.




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4 Responses to Fourteen Year-Old School Children, Rosa Parks, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Planned Parenthood

  1. Compare what a public school teacher has to go through before they can teach to what it takes to run for a political office—and I’m not including TFA recruits, because I don’t think they deserve to be called real teachers unless they stay in teaching in the public schools for five years or more. Those who don’t are ALL frauds and most of them are too young and naive to know they are being used.

    Any fool can run for a political office—they don’t even need much money or an education to run, but studies have revealed that more than 90% of the candidates, who have the most money to spend on their lies and misinformation, win. In fact, among the jobs in this country that don’t require a college degree is that of a member of Congress, state legislatures or governors and the President of the United States.

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  3. John Dillon says:

    Ken, The Republican debates have always been the “clown car” of the primaries circus with about as much gravitas as any of the adolescent spectacles on reality television with ersatz judges. More frightening, the lack of knowledge and substance heralded by a vapid media that endlessly packages it anew every minute to an even more ignorant American people. Hate to tell you this, old friend, but the proverbial Fat Lady is in the distant wings more than a year away.

    • Ken Previti says:

      Hillary now says that she is all for “all the education you can afford.” Hmm…
      Remember “all the healthcare coverage you can afford” in place of universal healthcare? Sounds like a familiar song that is heard in the not so distant wings. The clown car has two models – (R) and (D).

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