Pearson to become the gate-keeper for student teachers in Illinois.

A foreign owned corporation (Pearson) that takes our education tax money overseas and does not pay American taxes will decide who teaches what in Illinois. Our Republican and Democrat politicians have gone mad as they dismantle public education and America.

Fred Klonsky


Sandra Deines (center).

-By Sandra Deines. Sandra is a member of the Skokie Organization of Retired Educators IEA Retired and a retired Park Ridge high school teacher.

Starting this fall Pearson will be in the business of deciding who becomes a teacher in the state of Illinois. 

The Illinois State Board of Education has adopted a rule that designates Pearson’s “edTPA” as the means by which student teachers will be evaluated and granted certification. 

As the fall semester begins, all student teachers in the state will be required to pay an extra $300 (on top of the tuition they are already paying) and arrange for videotaping so that they can submit a lengthy narrative that covers the planning, execution and evaluation of a series of lessons with one of their classes as well as a ten-minute video of themselves carrying out their lesson with a class.

Student teachers are required to get…

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3 Responses to Pearson to become the gate-keeper for student teachers in Illinois.

  1. Dr. Philip Boudreau says:

    Headlines do not accurately reflect the role and situation for teachers. However, it is a politically motivated approach that has been sold to the States that are participating in this portfolio evaluation approach using reviewers that do not know the student teacher via video submitted lesson and an unwieldy rubric that has no published reliability or validity studies. EDTPA migrating from the west coast east has been used for years but there is little efficacy demonstrated in making better teachers. So much for scientifically based (researched) methods.

  2. I am a public school teacher in New York City, where EdTPA has been in place for two years now. The year before last I was a student teacher instructor and supervisor supporting student teachers through the confusing and time-consuming EdTPA process. All of what is supposedly “assessed” through EdTPA can easily, and much more thoroughly, be assessed by an experienced student teacher supervisor who understands the context of the student teacher’s placement and has a deeper understanding of the student teacher’s practice over time instead of in one 10 minute video clip and accompanying documents that must so closely align with the prescriptivist rubric there is little room for diversity in practice or teacher voice. Ugh, what is our world coming to? Here is another great article about Pearson and EdTPA:

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