Christie, the bully who picks on gals, is the distractor who uses the “rhythm method”

Chris Christie is the second Republican mean-buffoon to distract us from the vast amount of corporate education reform money possessed by Jeb Bush. The Donald guy who listens to the voices from that thing on his head is the number one mean-buffoon. Distraction, distraction.

Chris Christie rhythm method

The point is simple. How do spin doctors and PR firms make an extremist such as Jeb appear moderate? Put lots of distractions in front of people, distractions so off-the-wall they make John Ellis Bush (known as Jeb to show he’s just a regular guy) appear normal when viewed side by side.

Christie is a bully who likes to pick on women whom he calls girls or gals. He especially enjoys picking on female teachers whom he calls thugs. His latest attempt to show that he’s a regular heterosexual guy is to let people know he refuses to follow the dictates of his own religious denomination. (If you are looking for actual logic, it never existed in Christieland.)

So, Christie made the stunning statement, “I’ve used birth control, and not just the rhythm method.”

Did you remember Christie is the number two buffoon distractor in the nation for a reason? He’s still talking about the rhythm method in 2015! The rhythm method?

By the way, Christie has four children.

What does this have to do with it all? In the grand tradition of Chris Christie, Glen Beck, Donald Thing-on-his-head, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, my response is, “Just sayin’.”


Laugh all you want, but watch the Bush Dynasty heir apparent and the corporate education reform, high stakes testing money invested in John Ellis Bush.

Jeb is the man behind the curtain – the man with the money behind the curtain.



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One Response to Christie, the bully who picks on gals, is the distractor who uses the “rhythm method”

  1. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    Great post, Ken. Actually, I am hoping that Christie will show up in his own home state–in particular, Atlantic City, at a time when I’m there. (Fat chance–&, yes, pun intended.) 8,000 casino & hotel employees recently lost their jobs w/the closing of 3 casino/hotels (&, yes, we can thank Trump for closing one of these), & A.C. isn’t doing so well (neither is N.J.–lots of Sandy victims have yet to receive help). But, the low-%age-point (barely made enough to just squeak into Thursday night G.O.P. debate) guv would rather trot around the rest of the country, wasting $$$$
    (obviously NOT a contender) instead of taking care of his state, as he was sworn in to do.
    Anyway–I would LOVE to have him punch me in the face. Then, perhaps, I can get an all-expense-paid nose job AND a face lift! (I just read a Daily Kos article describing a C2 appearance where he was soundly booed. It would be great if teachers could get into the debate–or even an appearance–& do a “mic check,” saying, “Punch ME in the face–I’m a teacher!”
    Having said all of that, once again, you are right on the money, Ken. This is a GOP clown car full of distractions. I expect to watch Thursday night, shaking my head (& also laughing).
    But–for now, am concentrating on the Dem race, & working for Bernie. As I am always happy to quote you, “The lesser of 2 evils is still evil.” NO to another 2012!! Bernie 2016!

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