Corruption as Government: Secretary of Education Without Education in Connecticut

Jonathan Pelto gives the perfect up-to-date example of the corruption called government which actively harms children, parents and public education. Connecticut’s Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy applies the insanity of Republican Tea Party illogic by vetoing a bill that would have required that the State Commissioner of Education have education qualifications.


“Governor Malloy is wrong to have vetoed the bill requiring that the person responsible for running the state department of education have educational experience.
But the Democrats in the Connecticut General Assembly have done a far greater disservice by refusing to even vote on Malloy’s veto. Their unwarranted decision to appease Malloy means that they have handed their constitutionally mandated legislative authority to the executive branch of government.
And that is something every Connecticut citizens should be very concerned about.”

This is legislative bowing and groveling to raw political power and the forces of $$$$$$$$.

Read the superb, full article HERE.




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