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Google the following: rauner sociopath.

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Even Google knows that Illinois billionaire Gov. Bruce Rauner is a sociopath – by definition. He continues to steal from autism programs in particular to pay for his choice of pro-Rauner folks. This is NOT an insult. What is a sociopath by definition?

noun, Psychiatry.
1. a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

Rauner appointed Secretary of Education Beth Purvis as “his” Czar of Education to be paid a record high quarter of a million dollars a year. In the 2015 “Illinois Is Broke” state, where will this special level of salary come from?

Three weeks after Purvis’ contract was signed, the governor’s office announced that the Department of Human Services was strapped for cash, and sliced $26 million in services including for autism, epilepsy and burials for the indigent. The cuts, later known as “the Good Friday Massacre,” caused some programs to completely shut down.
“I had no idea that we’re paying the governor’s education staff out of the Department of Human Services budget,” state Rep. Greg Harris, D-Chicago.
The Chicago Sun Times

This isn’t the first time that Rauner has singled out autism as undeserving.

Gov. Bruce Rauner reinstated his defeated opponent’s [Gov. Pat Quinn (D)] defiled program that allowed the nine largest corporations in Illinois to collect state income taxes from their employees and keep it for themselves” – and then he cut funding for the state’s Autism Program. Because Rauner is, by definition, a sociopath, he cut autism funding during National Autism Month and on World Autism Day.

For years Rauner made millions of dollars in fees by managing Illinois teacher pensions. Now, he claims that those funds should be reduced to pay for other stuff he wants to give it to; crony corporate billionaires, of course, want more tax incentive money from state coffers. He was furious when the Illinois Supreme Court declared the bill to cut pensions was unconstitutional. Of course Rauner does not believe in the legislative branch and thinks that the Illinois Supreme Court is worse than that.

This month, the governor took a swipe at Illinois Supreme Court justices considering a pension-restructuring bill, saying they’re part of a “corrupt” judicial system influenced by the same forces that created the financial mess.
Bloomberg News

Diane Ravitch had a conversation with Rauner while he was still running for governor. When she asked his about education for children with special needs and other specific situations, Rauner responded, “Not my problem.”

President Karen Lewis of the Chicago Teachers Union openly declared Rauner a sociopath.

Well, when Google repeatedly matches “rauner sociopath” for pages, then RAUNER SOCIOPATH, by definition is not a mere slur.


Oh, by the way…
Thanks to Mike Klonsky on Mike Klonsky Twitter for his tweet about Googling “rauner sociopath.”



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