Please vote for Fred Klonsky as an IEA-Retired Delegate for the NEA Representative Assembly

Current IEA Retired members should be mailing in their their ballots to Springfield for the retired delegate election for the National Education Association’s Representative Assembly which will be held in Orlando this coming July.

Fred Klonsky is number 20 on the ballot. Please vote for him.

Thirty people are on the ballot. Fred needs to be in the top ten vote-getters to be elected, so please don’t fill in ten names and hope for the best. Please don’t waste votes. Any old vaguely familiar names are not good enough to represent our vital interests at the NEA-RA. Vote for one, two, three – whatever number of candidates you know and trust.

Vote Fred Klonsky yesFred Klonsky is not your ordinary IEA-RA candidate. He is no rah-rah cheerleader for any specific IEA officer – past or present. Fred is an activist who advocates openly and supports our union, our pensions and our vital interests. Read his thoughtful and highly praised blog to find out what Fred believes in and acts upon.

To vote you must be a current member of IEA Retired. (If you are not, please email this information and request for a vote to everybody you know.)

It is not enough to be an Illinois retired teacher or a member of another retired teacher organization.

Only current IEA Retired members will receive mailed ballots.

If you are a current member of IEA Retired and have not yet received ballots, contact the Springfield office.

A separate Member-at-Large to the Council of Retirees is mailed to us separately. It comes separately and must be mailed back separately. I recommend S.O.R.E. chapter member Jack Tucker.

The completed ballot must be received in Springfield no later than April 22nd to be counted April 24th.

IEA Retired members will also receive a ballot for

If you are a current member of IEA Retired and you want someone to solidly represent us at the national convention of the NEA, please vote for Fred Klonsky. He would appreciate your vote. And Fred needs the votes of everybody you know.

Vote for Fred Klonsky arrow

I have already mailed my ballots in. We are all in this together.

Please pass this along.



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