Emanuel Rauner: twins joined at the wallet

Rauner Emanuel

Google Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s (D) plans for Chicago, and then google Gov. Bruce Rauner’s (R) plans for Illinois.

Then look at any photos of the two of them together.

What differences are there?


The Emanuel Rauner Boys.

(They don’t make Democrats and Republicans the way they used to.)

Chuy Garcia is the Democrat opposing Rahm Emanuel in a run-off election in a supposedly Democratic city.

The outcome should be a no-brainer, except Emanuel and Rauner are joined at the wallet.

It’s a Corporate Donor Wallet padded daily by millionaire and billionaire buddies who love (D)(R) Twins and tax incentives for themselves while cutting the middle class down to the lower class and cutting the lower class down to homeless beggars. Children, teachers and other public service employees, the elderly, the mentally ill, the unemployed-underemployed, and the overworked-underpaid are mere auxiliary damage to the Emanuel Rauner Twins.

The hell with the Wallet Boys. Vote Garcia.


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