Pearson: Who scores your child’s tests?

Who are the experts that score your child’s state mandated high stakes tests from Pearson?

(Remember that these test scores determine your child’s future, the school’s funding and rating, the surrounding property values, and the firing or retention of your child’s teachers.)

Visit PEARSON’S OWN SITE if you have any college degree earned at any time from any country and are willing to undergo 4 to 5 hours of training and then receive $13 per hour for scoring whatever tests they give you. After you work a day job and wish to work evenings until 10:00 pm, you can make even more money – $14.30 per hour – even though you might be really tired by then.

Pearson Test Grader

A regular commentator on my blog who lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago brought this to my attention from the newspaper ads she has seen. Here is her comment.

Have the Pear$on “Help Wanted” ads come to YOUR city yet? Of course (as usual) they put a quarter-page COLOR ad (someone knowledgeable told me it likely cost them $5K–if they put one in numerous papers in numerous cities, imagine how much education fund $$$ {i.e., taxpayer $$$} was spent on advertising alone!). In the upper left corner, their motto: “ALWAYS LEARNING”
(yes, in CAPS), then, in the right corner, CAPS, as well: PEARSON. Body: “SOAR with us to new heights! PEARSON, the global leader in learning. Uniting talent with Opportunity. (Funny how the word “Opportunity” has a capital O. Such is the thought of Opportuni$t$!) Anyway, much more–if one of Ken’s readers can get hold of the ad (ours was in the Sunday, 3/22 Chicago Sun-Times–1st page of Help Wanted ads {&, of course, weekend advertising is more expen$ive}) & can transfer it to post, it would be great for all of you to see it. (Anyway, they are looking for college grads to be te$t e$$ay $corer$–@ $13/hour, more if you do the evening shift–& isn’t that perfect?–Tired people who worked another job all day, coming in to grade kids’ essays from 6-10 PM for even more $$$.) Anyway for those of you interested (be a mole, donate the money to a school that needs it or a charity, then write an update of Todd Farley’s 2009 test scoring expose!)–there’s a job fair this Sat., 9-Noon, at both the Glenview location–1900 East Lake Ave., Glenview or Naperville–1163 E. Ogden Avenue, Ste. 610. Naperville. Learn more & APPLY (their caps) at



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