Isn’t it about time to demand a Congressional investigation of Pearson?

Pearson Education Power and Wealth

Which organizations are willing to call for or demand a Congressional investigation of Pearson?

Let’s give Pearson’s abuse of power the national media attention it deserves. Let U.S. senators and representatives point fingers, sling mud at each other and examine financial links to Pearson’s power and influence as well as its spying activities on our children’s lives.

Pearson. PARCC. CCSS. Enough is enough.

A Congressional investigation may open this can of nasty worms to sunlight and heat – which often kills lots of nasty worms.

Pearson’s reputation was hurt by an ongoing FBI investigation of possible collusion in dealings with the Los Angeles Unified in a contract with Apple and Pearson to supply iPads pre-loaded with Pearson’s Common Core curriculum.” – via Huffington Post. (Even more examples are given.)

State-by-state investigations are happening nationwide. We now need a national Congressional investigation. Why?

Our children and their futures are at stake.

Our education taxes are being drained to profit a few overseas multinational corporate billionaires.

“As if power is so innocent. Poor things, if we tell them the truth they’ll mend their ways? I say talk the truth about power to the (people) who are in the thrall of the power.”

– P. Sainath

How do we start this? Who is willing to go beyond speaking truth to power?

Peggy Richardson talked the truth about power to her school board in Colorado.

“The truth is this. The truth is that our public schools are using high stakes testing to punish students, school communities and now, under SB191, the testing will punish teachers. The testing creates an environment that is fear-based, shaming, and demands teaching to the test.

 I wonder how my students in Aurora will do on PARCC – a test that is two grade levels above the readability for the grade being tested? A test that demands typing skills from children who don’t know how to type. A test that punishes children who don’t have technology in their homes.  I know how my students have done on TCAP in the past.   I know that my school is labeled as a turnaround school.  I know what that label does to children, teachers and school communities. I wonder if Littleton could possible understand what that feels like? What that does to a child’s soul? To a school community? To be told we are failing when indeed we are not.”  

Peggy has spoken up locally and nationally.

Which organizations are willing to call for or demand a Congressional investigation of Pearson?



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5 Responses to Isn’t it about time to demand a Congressional investigation of Pearson?

  1. Ellen Lubic says:

    Ken…I am 100% with you on this. Pearson is so corrupt and has seemingly broken so many laws by spying on American students and who knows what else, that it demands a Congressional investigation. In Deasy’s secret dealings with them for CC software, and with Apple for the outdated iPads, which is now being investigated by the FBI, he signed contracts it appears that were open ended and did not require the BoE to be able to actually read the Common Core curriculum software Pearson had not yet designed, before agreeing to use $1 Billion of taxpayer funding allotted to the LAUSD District through Construction Bonds. Board member Monica Ratliff repeatedly called for this reading, but no print material was forthcoming. What a whopping gift Deasy seems to have connived to give them.

    Thank you for bringing this issue to the fore. Let me know how I can help….but I will now write a column on your extremely pertinent demand.

    Ellen Lubic

  2. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    Have the Pear$on “Help Wanted” ads come to YOUR city yet? Of course (as usual) they put a quarter-page COLOR ad (someone knowledgeable told me it likely cost them $5K–if they put one in numerous papers in numerous cities, imagine how much education fund $$$ {i.e., taxpayer $$$} was spent on advertising alone!). In the upper left corner, their motto: “ALWAYS LEARNING”
    (yes, in CAPS), then, in the right corner, CAPS, as well: PEARSON. Body: “SOAR with us to new heights! PEARSON, the global leader in learning. Uniting talent with Opportunity. (Funny how the word “Opportunity” has a capital O. Such is the thought of Opportuni$t$!) Anyway, much more–if one of Ken’s readers can get hold of the ad (ours was in the Sunday, 3/22 Chicago Sun-Times–1st page of Help Wanted ads {&, of course, weekend advertising is more expen$ive}) & can transfer it to post, it would be great for all of you to see it. (Anyway, they are looking for college grads to be te$t e$$ay $corer$–@ $13/hour, more if you do the evening shift–& isn’t that perfect?–Tired people who worked another job all day, coming in to grade kids’ essays from 6-10 PM for even more $$$.) Anyway for those of you interested (be a mole, donate the money to a school that needs it or a charity, then write an update of Todd Farley’s 2009 test scoring expose!)–there’s a job fair this Sat., 9-Noon, at both the Glenview location–1900 East Lake Ave., Glenview or Naperville–1163 E. Ogden Avenue, Ste. 610. Naperville. Learn more & APPLY (their caps) at:
    As Edward R. Murrow said, Good night & good luck!” (Or was it the other way around?)

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