Until Pearson is investigated by the DOJ and the NSA, all “no laws broken” statements are hype

Until a full investigation by the Department of Justice is completed, any “no law was broken” statements are political hype or mere conjecture. A foreign company collecting information (lucrative data mining) and reporting social media use by American children without the knowledge or consent of the parent or child seems like a National Security Agency (NSA) investigation might also be called for.

Please email the US Department of Justice and demand that they investigate Pearson for spying on our children – here is the 56,000 strong Badass Teachers Association (BATs) statement demanding that investigation. Or use the MoveOn.org demand for a DOJ investigation.
You can email them at AskDOJ@usdoj.gov
You can tweet them at @TheJusticeDept ‪#‎Pearsoniswatching‬
Parents can opt-out, refuse mandated high stakes testing for their children. Show that parents need not tolerate this abuse.

Also, children have human rights which are protected as Civil Rights in America. File a valid Civil Rights Complaint for your child for any intimidation or unfair treatments suffered by your child at school. One complaint will be responded to; a hundred complaints create a major problem which requires resolution. Now, is the time for parents to defend their children from any further institutionalized abuses. United Opt Out National provides an easy to use, valid Civil Rights Complaint form.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has made his desires quite clear.”Hopefully, some day we can track children from preschool to high school and from high school to college and college to career.”

Surprised baby1

Pearson has aggressively obliged Duncan and the multinational corporate education reform hedge and venture fund investors while making enormous financial and power gains for itself.

Whatever brand of high stakes testing is used in various states, breaking Pearson would bring us all one step forward.

How and why do these multinational corporations get juicy multi-state government contracts for newly mandated and unnecessary high stakes testing products and services?

Isn’t it about time to demand a Congressional investigation of all high stakes testing corporations? What they do with the billions of dollars of personal profits made from public tax funds intended for the public education of our children?



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One Response to Until Pearson is investigated by the DOJ and the NSA, all “no laws broken” statements are hype

  1. Brenda Case says:

    And when you attempt through a FOIA request to get a timestamped log of your child’s Pearson Powerschool account, to find out who accessed it , when and what actions were taken while they were in there. You are met with a generic printout from the School System supposed from Pearson, telling you a) they can’t release it because State and Federal laws protect that info and b) Pearson says they do not have the abilities to get timestamped information.

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