Would you surrender your child’s rights? Of course not. How you can defend your child.

mom and child at schoolhouse steps a

Pearson testing “monitors” your child electronically without your prior knowledge or consent. Pearson is foreign company collecting information (lucrative data mining) on American children without the knowledge or consent of the parent or child. It seems fair to call this “spying” as it accesses any social media your child may use. Here is Bob Braun’s full, updated account.

Pearson does NOT deny this, even in its own written release attempting damage control for the corporation itself.Yes it looks at your child’s social networking actives and reports it to each state’s government officials.

Pearson, on its own site, attracts new employees to specifically –

By building a world-class education evidence base, we’ll push boundaries with ground-breaking research. We’ll embed what we know in our products and use data to improve them… Examples of what we do include: collecting data on learners’ digital activities.”

This seems like the right time to request a Department of Justice investigation into this behavior.

Until a full investigation by the Department of Justice is completed, any “no law was broken” PR statements are political hype or mere conjecture.

Here are two petitions for you to sign in defense of your child. MoveOn.org and Badass Teachers Association for a DOJ Investigation.

Since Pearson is a foreign corporation (UK and Hong Kong connections) with multinational investors which collecting American education tax money as profit which is shipped overseas to avoid paying American taxes, the National Security Agency, NSA, should also investigate this billion dollar industry’s activities.

Actually, there needs for a full and open Congressional investigation as to the entire high stakes testing aspect of corporate education reform. Who and where are the venture funds and managers who are using and selling your child’s data and sending profits from American tax dollars overseas? Americans need to know.

Until then, file a simple Civil Rights Complaint on behalf of your own child. Yes, one complaint is an aggravation for a school district, but a hundred complaints is on big problem that requires legal resolution. All children of any and all races and socioeconomic backgrounds have rights.  Go to United Opt Out National for a valid Civil Rights Complaint form.



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