Hey, Arne! Our kids are not your political poker chips.

Hey, Arne!

Our kids are not your political poker chips. Your chauffeur accidentally went up a blind alley in Chicago, and you were forced to walk a half block among moms. So, what do you do after those two minutes of facing reality?

Arne versus people

Once safely inside the school, Duncan was asked about the protest outside.

Why is his U.S. Department of Education forcing a controversial standardized test — one many parents don’t want and that Mayor Rahm Emanuel has argued is “not ready” for prime time — down the throats Chicago Public Schools?

“I’m not,” Duncan said. “The state works it out without Chicago. . . . That’s the state’s decision.”

But isn’t the mandate being dictated by the federal government? Isn’t that what’s behind the threat to withhold $1 billion in funding that forced Chicago’s hand?

“No. You’re wrong. . . . You’re making stuff up. You don’t have your facts straight,” Duncan said. – Chicago Sun Times

School districts across America are spending billions of dollars on high stakes testing preparation, online programs, etc. because you threaten to cut their federal funding, and you do a crazy talk answer in front of witnesses. You screwed up, big time, when the little people surrounded you. There isn’t a mom or dad who will ever believe a word you say after this screw up.

So Rahm Emanuel wants to blame you, and you want to blame Chicago and Rahm.

Since you have no friends left in Chicago, Rahm thought he could push at you. Rumor has it that a few of your wealthy cronies still live in Chicago along the Magnificent Mile in its surrounding million dollar condos. So, now Rahm is worried about losing their votes.

Rahm needs every vote he can get, and you cause problems getting stuck in a blind alley.

Chuy Garcia, the Progressive Democrat opposing Rahm in the mayoral run-off election, must love every lying word you said. You and Rahm – lying cohorts from way back – are devouring each other, today.

You and Rahm have to stop using our kids as your political poker chips.


Ken Previti, Retired Teacher




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5 Responses to Hey, Arne! Our kids are not your political poker chips.

  1. Jon Awbrey says:

    Hey! I know that song …

  2. Mike Silvia says:

    He’s such a sleazy liar!

  3. Carolyn dakis says:

    Stop robbing these kids of their childhood!

  4. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    That’s right, Arne–run away as fast as you can from those dangerous Soccer Moms (who mistakenly thought that their children were brilliant & now, after testing, find out differently! {remember when Arne said this last year, in defense of “rigorous” testing?!}) I also like that he said that it’s good to have the conversation (not that he stopped & had ANY kind of conversation w/any of these parents/participants). Also–& mentioned in the Tribune (&, I think, the Sun-Times, but not in this post), Rahm & B3 drove up in a car (thought they ride the el/bus, just like “the people?!”), & B3 “fist-pumped” the crowd–as if she were actually in their corner (& after CPS knucked under the threat of “loss” of federal funds, deciding {according to Arne–it WAS CHICAGO’s decision}). Pretty brazen…& phony. & more of the same we’ll see if the mayor is re-elected. Remember, we were fooled not once, but twice, by Obama. Obama, who appointed Arne Duncan…& has kept him. Obama, who’s endorsed the mayor.

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