So, I didn’t get to argue pension theft before the Illinois Supreme Court, but Gino DiVito was good with me.

The attempted theft of pensions legally owed to teachers and other public service employees in Illinois was argued before the Illinois Supreme Court. Yes, we have both the legal and moral obligations demanded by the state Constitution on our side. Attorney Gino DiVito presented those arguments superbly. Using arguments that have been forwarded by friends and bloggers Glen Brown, Fred Klonsky and John Dillon for four years, our defense was presented beautifully.

Fred Klonsky


Judge Gino DiVito.

Yesterday I posted that I dreamed I was arguing our pension case before the Illinois Supreme Court.

No fancy-pants legal mumbo-jumbo.

“We had a deal. Pay up,” was the gist of my case.

I watched the live streaming of the oral arguments by the state’s Solicitor General Carolyn Shapiro and our lawyer, former judge Gino DiVito.

To this un-trained observer Shapiro seemed nervous and her arguments were more twisted than a Philadelphia pretzel.

But Gino DiVito, my man!

This guy was no Atticus Finch. No, no. He looked and sounded more like a street fighter. All that was missing was the dems,dose and dese. 

He didn’t actually refer to the members of the court as youse guys. But he looked like he could have.

While Shapiro got battered by the Republicans on the court, DiVito basically said that the language and meaning of the pension protection…

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