Childhood Is Temporary: Defend your child from threatening high stakes testing

You are not alone. Parents across America are refusing the unfair and harsh high stakes, state mandated tests. Defend your child, and file complaints against those who threaten or intimidate your child.

childhood opt out now

Your child, at any age, is your child. Call the police on any school official who won’t immediately release your child to you for any reason that you as a parent give.

Don’t allow your child to be threatened or intimidated with promises of reprisal for what you as a parent have done.

Punishing a child for a parent’s valid decision is a violation of your civil rights and your child’s civil rights.

File a Civil Rights Complaint against any school board or school official who threatens or punishes a child for your actions. Here are the directions on how to file a valid Civil Rights Complaint. (One valid complaint is an aggravation to that school official or board. One hundred valid Civil Rights Complaints become a major problem for those who intimidate and threaten you and your child.)

FAIR TEST, the National Center for Fair and Open Testing, shows that you and your child can refuse the test without fear of a federal penalty to your school.

Go to for state by state sample letters that you can use to defend your child by refusing high stakes testing.

No one ever promised you that being a parent would be easy. Now is the time to assert your position as a caring parent.

School officials are human beings, not little gods. When the dust settles after complaints are filed and legally dealt with, have no pity on any school officials or school board members who lose their jobs and careers. #defendchildren




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  1. irashor says:

    Very helpful, exactly right and useful, thanks!!

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