Rahm Emanuel is an Organic Tomato – sort of…

As Rahm Emanuel spends millions of dollars on TV ads and other media, he labels himself certain things. In propaganda terms, this is a simple plan. If something is repeated often enough, people will believe it as truth.

Rahm Emanuel organic tomato

One favorite term that Rahm and his PR people use is “Progressive Democrat.”
Just because he labels himself a “Progressive Democrat” doesn’t make him a Progressive Democrat any more than if he labeled himself… well, an “Organic Tomato.”

There are other corporate media connections that the rich and powerful use for their propaganda.

The Washington Post endorsed Rahm. Why?

Diane Ravich questions and answers what is behind the endorsement.

You may wonder how the term ‘progressive Democrat’ became a definition for someone who attacks teachers, unions, and public education, and exactly how they differ from conservative Republican governors like Scott Walker, John Kasich, and Mike Pence.

Rahm closed more public schools than any person in America’s history. That is un-progressive, un-democratic (in non-polical terminology) and un-American.

Chicago needs to throw the bum out in the next election. Knowing Chicagoans, someone is liable to throw a tomato at him – an organic tomato.

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, Rahm’s sole opponent, is a pro-public education, Progressive Democrat. Vote for him; the corporate education reform coup must be ended one election at a time, one district, one city, one county, etc.




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