Principal refuses to release child from the school to the mother until police demand.

No parent should have to call the police on the principal who will not release her opt-out child from the building to the mother. No parent should suffer that. No child should endure that.

All parents and children of any race or races have hard earned rights as Americans. No school principal or board of education or superintendent or state education commissioner can deny those rights just because a child has entered a school building.

Susan Mulchrone

Susan Mulchrone, principal of the Brookshire Elementary School in affluent Winter Park, FL, should be slapped with Civil Rights Complaints. She blatantly broke the law.

Emailing parents about “not allowing” parents to take their children out of the building does not release her from the law.

Why wasn’t the principal arrested? Why wasn’t she fired?

Reported by the Orlando Sentinel:

A parent of a fifth grader at Brookshire Elementary School in Winter Park was initially told she could not pick up her daughter, who was opting out of the state’s new writing test, according to another parent who witnessed the incident this morning. That other parent said she called police…

(Another parent) of Winter Park — a Brookshire parent active in the local opt-out movement — said the fifth grader’s mother came outside and told her, “They’re not giving me my child, can you help?”

(The parent) said the school’s principal, in earlier emails to parents, had said that releasing students during testing would be disruptive and not be allowed.
But the district has no policy that would allow school officials to detain a child under such circumstances, she said.

Easy step by step directions from United Opt Out National

Principal Mulchrone should be slapped with Civil Rights Complaints.
(One civil rights complaint is an aggravation; a hundred complaints become one major problem. Unite with parents. Do what parents know are right for their own children.)




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19 Responses to Principal refuses to release child from the school to the mother until police demand.

  1. Christy Freeman says:

    this principal should be fired for bullying parents and children!

  2. I would have walked in and got my child. Period. It would have taken someone physical force to stop me, and that would not have been pretty.

  3. If this would have happened to me, I would have walked from the general office, to the classroom and gotten my child. If anyone in the school would have laid a hand on me, you bet I would have pressed 911 on my cell.

  4. carole says:

    I do agree with what parents are saying no one has a right to not let you check your child out of school but, if the principal had emailed and/or sent home letters saying it wouldn’t be allowed during testing then we need to do all we can as a parent and respect for other students that are testing not to come check out just keep your child home that day or come before testing starts

    • Ken Previti says:

      These parents did not want their children to miss actual classroom instruction that teaches and will be required as classwork and normal tests. These moms along with thousands and thousands of other moms across America had opted their children out of the high stakes testing mandated by some legislators that is solely for the profits of the multinational investors in corporate education reform companies. For example, Florida is paying millions of dollars from the education fund (your tax money) for high stakes tests that Utah just declared useless.
      Children are being monetized and public school funds are being wasted giving politically connected private equity fund managers immense personal profits from public tax dollars.
      Parents want education and testing, not scams, data mining of their children, and inappropriate high stakes testing.
      If parents didn’t physically bring their children home, the children in this school and thousands of others across the country, would be forced to sit with hands folded over closed tests while staring straight ahead for several hours. If they didn’t or couldn’t, they would be subject to disciplinary action.
      I suggest that you read more about the OPT-OUT/REFUSE movement to de-federalize and de-monetize public school education.

      • Akira Bee says:

        Absolutely correct on all counts. The education “reformers” are nothing more than carpetbaggers.

    • Ken Previti says:

      By the way, refusal to release a child to a custodial parent is a felony; it is considered kidnapping or attempted kidnapping. The principal and other school officials should know this. If they do not know this, they are incompetent in their jobs.

    • karey says:

      Yes, however the principal was notified about the kids that were opting out of the testing and could have made arrangements for those children to be in a different classroom/library as a lot of principals here in Maryland did, so there wouldn’t be disruptions. She didn’t want to do that simply because if she made it difficult for the parents and equally difficult for the children (i.e. sitting at desk with nothing to do for hours) she is trying to defer future and additional opt-outs.

    • lucha says:

      ARE YOU INSANE??!! That is MY child. MINE. No teacher, principal, legislator, or *person* like you can advise or tell me when I can remove my child from anything. THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

    • msndis says:

      I can see both sides of this. My youngest is now in college but I started opting her out of our state NCLB tests when she was in 6th grade. I kept her home on testing mornings (I received a list of testing times from the prinicpal).

      So . . . you can see that I definitely support opting out but I don’t feel it is the school’s responsibility to find an alternate activity for the students opting out. Kudos to the schools who do recognize there are a lot of students opting out now and finding alternate activities for those students. My daughter was the only one opting out in 6th and 7th grade but someone else joined her in 8th grade.

      Also, thanks to all the parents opting their kids out. I really think this is the only way to stop the privitazation of public education because everything revolves around the tests.

      • GatorBonBC says:

        I thank you for supporting the rights of parents. You understand, having done it long before this movement. The difference now, from the tests that our children were given (my oldest is also now in college), is that now the testing goes on and off for months. Nearly all spring. Any working parent has a difficult time being available to pick up an opt out child constantly. The testing has grown to such a ridiculous amount, and the push back on parents who exercise their rights has grown so great, many parents must go to such measures as blowing that whistle. I am thankful for those that do. I currently opt out my youngest, in the school wherein I myself teach. She sits and stares for hours, day after day, week after week, in silence. Silence while others test. It is cruel and unusual punishment. I am thankful these moms stood up. In those circumstances, I would have done the same. I hope more awareness will end the testing nonsense forever. We have made some small steps. We must keep fighting for better for our kids.

  5. David says:

    It doesn’t matter what was sent home, parents do not give up their parental rights when they send children to school. Unless there is a clear and present danger in releasing a child, when a parent or other legal guardian asks for their child then child is released to the parents.

    There also seems to be some confusion about why a student would start the test and then leave. If a student doesn’t show up for a state standardized test, they will be given the test upon their return – and since the testing windows can be several week long it is not realistic to just keep them home. In addition, a student who does not take the test harms their school and their teacher. But a student who receives an NR2 scores does neither and has met the legal requirement of “participation.”

    I can also say as someone who gives these tests sending a child to the office is not the least bit disruptive to other students. Although I can also say that I don’t condone a parent marching into a school in this case since there is no immediate threat to your child – just call the police. Having parents “storm” the school can present a danger and disruption to students.

    The easy way to stop all this is to offer parents a viable and legal means to Opt Out their children.

  6. Barb Gabhart says:

    IF the students have been opted out of the tests, they should not be in a classroom where the testing is being held. There should be separate accommodations for these children.That is the regulations stated by the testing rules for this exam. NO ONE is allowed in the testing areas except those being tested, also, that they are supposed to make alternative arrangements for those children who will not be testing. However, the biggest thing being told to parents who opt out is that they do not have the facilities nor the funds to arrange for additional personnel to comply with that. However, some schools are just plain out refusing to make those available, and have even gone so far as to say that regardless of the opt out letters, if the child is present, that child WILL be tested. So regardless what letter this principal said in an email to parents, she had no authority to even say such to them, let alone to follow through with it.

  7. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    And the bottom line is this–do you have a Pear$on-owned building in your town or state? If so, I would recommend a protest march on said education fund thieves. (One such march–put together by members of “Class Size Matters,” in NYC {you know, the parents–led by the estimable Leonie Haimson–who stopped Inbloom from data-gathering in NY}–after “Pineapple Question” {if you don’t know about it, Google it} came to light–brought together 400 some parents & children {on an school holiday “field trip,” some dressed as pineapples!}, drawing some good press attention). Taxpayers would, I am certain, be furious to know that their education tax $$$–instead of going to ACTUAL education and such necessities as social workers, school nurses, libraries & arts programs–are going–like heroin–into the golden arm of Pear$on, publi$hers of CCRAP, & other “standardized” (in quotes, because NOT really standardized–none of their tests have ever been shown to be valid or reliable, two criteria necessary in standardization). There is not–nor has ever been–ANY oversight of the quality of their tests, & there are NO analytical results given to either teachers or parents that can help in strengthening any areas of a child’s academic weaknesses in order to improve teaching.. (We did used to receive information, but not any more, so testing standards–insofar as helping teachers help children–have been lowered even further.)
    In summary, we need to bring the information to ALL taxpayers as to how millions of their tax $$$ are being wasted–The Chicago Tribune, for example, recently reported “State officials say the testing budget, up to $34 MILLION for 2014-15, can cover the increased cost of paper exams.” (This was in response to schools complaining about not having enough equipment for students to use Pear$on$’$ computerized CCRAP$, so the state would pay the extra $9/student for the paper te$t$.) Readers, imagine if all parents, your neighbors, your friends & your relatives knew that MILLIONS (of course, over the years since this all started, BILLIONS) of $$$ of their money was going to thi$ te$ting conglomerate. Imagine how many school psychologists and mental health professionals could be hired, instead, perhaps preventing some of the school violence/shootings we’ve seen. Of course, the immediate answer is opting out, but we absolutely MUST slay the dragon, cut off the head of Medusa & kill the testing monster once & for all. NO PARCC…and NO Pear$on!

  8. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    Oh–BTW–did you know that Pear$on–which has bought out numerous textbook & testing companies, monopolizing the industry, recently purchased rights to the GED? The reports in say that the GED is now so difficult that less and less students will be able to pass. And THAT, my friend, is the plan of ALEC (you’d better familiarize yourselves w/ALEC–American Legislative “Exchange” Council–started in 1971, a plan where legislators are “bought,” enacting laws that benefit those who bought them, such as the Koch Bros. & the Waltons). And, yes, the “plan” to make our children “college & career ready,” the emphasis being “career,” & that “career” being that as a Walmart worker or Koch employee. for minimum wages & no benefits, of course.
    For “other peoples’ children”–NOT for the 1%, who send their children to private schools, such as Sidwell Friends, Harpeth Hall & U. of C. Lab School, where they don’t, of course, take “standardized” tests–certainly not the PARCC. Where precious teaching time is NOT spent on test preps and testing. And–one more point to be made–I repeat that the test monster MUST die, because, even if we opt out up the wazoo, our kids STILL have been subjected to more test prep. time than the actual, real education (including recess, P.E. & arts education) ALL our children deserve. Not just those of the 1%ers.

    • Akira Bee says:

      The latest stats on the GED are that 72% less people are passing it now. Well, let’s face it. That was the intent all along. An educated population does not allow the corporate takeover of the government.

  9. Reblogged this on Exceptional Delaware and commented:
    If any principal, superintendent or DOE employee did this in Delaware there would be a massive public outcry against them so loud you could hear it from the top of the state all the way to the bottom. Message to Delaware schools when the “little test” starts next week….Don’t you dare!

  10. Rafael says:

    Thugs called “educational management specialists” rule our society. Things have to change. This principal is a low life thug.

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