Isn’t it about time to slap Pam Stewart with Civil Rights Complaints?

Isn’t it about time to slap Pam Stewart with Civil Rights Complaints? As Florida’s appointed Commissioner of Education, Stewart is out of control.

The horror stories abound about students required to sit and stare, parents threatened with serious consequences for their children if the parent decides that the high stakes tests are not good for their children. Enough is enough.

Pam Stewart Civil Rights violator 2

We are the parents. Stewart is appointed to serve, not to deny, parents and children of their guaranteed American rights. ALL Americans of any race or combination of races have these hard won rights. Men and women for over two centuries have offered their lives defending our rights.

What has Stewart had to say?

State law requires students to participate in the state assessment system,” Stewart wrote, “therefore, there is no opt-out clause or process for students to opt out or for parents to opt their children out.”

How do you file a Civil Rights Complaint against her, a school board, a superintendent or a principal? Follow these simple directions from

By the way non-Floridians, whoever are the educational civil rights violators in your state, slap them with Civil Rights Complaints.



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2 Responses to Isn’t it about time to slap Pam Stewart with Civil Rights Complaints?

  1. Slapping her wouldn’t be enough. How about a decade in a maximum women’s security prison that isn’t even close to one of those country club prisons where they play tennis and golf and have no fences?

  2. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    Sigh–same situation in ILL-Annoy–Raise Your Hand, More Than a Score & ChiOptOut just held a press conference on this last Thursday–“Right to Refuse”–signs held: “Stop ISBE Bullying,” because the IL Board of Ed.–led by Supt. Chris Koch (clone of Pam,–is telling parents they cannot opt out. Just received some good press coverage, esp. because CPS chickened out, & they are now going to test EVERY school, creating a multitude of confusion, fear & general chaos.
    (I believe that the announcement that CPS would only test 10% of the schools–which came before the 2/24 Chicago elections–was just a facade. Ha! Didn’t work!)
    Note: we’re all looking forward to seeing/hearing your guy Alan Grayson here on April 8th!

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