REFUSE to surrender our children’s rights. OPT-OUT. How?

Mr. Rogers knew. Mr. Arne Duncan, certain governors, legislators, school boards and school administrators seem to be ignoring our and our children’s basic rights.

Whatever race or combination of races we and our children are, we have basic human rights.

Mr Rogers and Arne Duncan

We and our children do not surrender our basic rights as Americans as we enter a school building.

Civil rights apply to all Americans. How can we stop the labeling and monetizing of our children when they are forced to take high stakes tests that none of us as parents were ever forced to take?

The wonderful people at United Opt Out National give us the paperwork to complete to defend our children and our children’s basic human rights.

Whether we are one of those “white suburban moms” that Arne Duncan insulted or are someone he chose to marginalize and ignore, we have legal recourse by filing a valid Civil Rights Complaint.

Make your school comply with American laws – not the new legislative threats passed by corrupted state legislators who accept campaign donations from corporate education reform investors.

Mr. Rogers would tell you it is the right thing to do.


“Filing a civil rights complaint is one way parents who refuse to have their child (ren) participate in high stakes standardized testing can defend the child(ren) against the following actions taken by school site or district administrators and officials:
Administrator failure to adhere to parent’s decision to refuse student participation in testing
Forced grade retention when proficiency has been demonstrated via other methods
Course credit denial when proficiency has been demonstrated via other methods
Forced remediation such as summer school or remediation classes in lieu of elective classes when there is clear evidence the child does not need remediation
Unwarranted and punitive penalties such as detentions, inability to participate in extra-curricular activities and team sports, inability to participate in field trips, inability to continue in magnet or academy programs, or inability to be placed in advanced or gifted academic programs
Many thanks to Ceresta Smith for her hard work on this document!!!”




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