Rahm “45% Is Not Enough” Emanuel has smirk removed by Chuy Garcia

There are times to just celebrate and even gloat. This is one of them.

Here are several memes celebrating and gloating about the smirk from Rahm’s face being removed by Chicago mayoral candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. With all of the millions of dollars and endorsements gathered by Rahm Emanuel, who has closed more schools and fired more teachers than anyone in history, he garnered a mere 45% of the vote in Chicago’s mayoral election. 50% plus one would have been needed to win. Rahm is forced into a runoff election.

Now, let’s gloat. (Please feel free to share any or all memes.)

Rahm in snow


Rahm bathing cap


Rahm search


Rahm hmnnn444

and, finally

Rahm smirk

After laughing and gloating, support pro-teacher, pro-public school, anti-pension cutting, anti-high stakes testing Jesus “Chuy” Garcia in the runoff election. The best thing to help happen in Chicago is to make Rahm a faded memory and Chuy the progressive Mayor of the City of Chicago.



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4 Responses to Rahm “45% Is Not Enough” Emanuel has smirk removed by Chuy Garcia

  1. mklonsky says:

    Good job, Ken. But you realize of course, that there is no Democratic primary in Chicago any more. They got rid of that soon after Harold Washington clobbered Byrne and Daley and went on to become the city’s first black mayor.

  2. BRUCE CROSBY says:

    This is not the Time to celebrate. This is when we do the real work. Complete the job get rid of Rahm.

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