Governors Rick Scott and Bruce Rauner: Sociopaths

“They are not my problem. …(programs) exist to save those few who can be saved, not to serve all kinds of kids.” (Read both Diane Ravitch and today’s Daily Kos.)

Scott and Christie

Gov, Rick Scott of Florida said the same thing as Gov. Bruce Rauner of Illinois. With ALEC writing legislation financed by some of the wealthiest people and corporations in America, this doesn’t at first seem surprising, but…



Both men were condemning young children as being undeserving and unworthy of receiving either a decent education or basic healthcare. By definition, these men are sociopaths.

Governors Chris Christie, John Kasich, Scott Walker and a few others are also part of this club of amoral leaders dedicated to the destruction of unworthy children.

Who made them gods?

They are worth billions, therefore undeserving children should suffer. They will do what they want to do, and you little people cannot stop them – they think. This is very sick and becomes very destructive in men who intentionally funnel tax money away from social services for children to their own pockets and the pockets of their billionaire “job creator” corporate buddies.

Christie and Rauner

There is a point where we all must assert ourselves to actively oppose these inhumane edicts issued the the elected who bought their election. Join every advocacy group you know – Opt Out, BATs, the Coalition to Restore Democracy, Save Our Schools, Move On, etc.



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One Response to Governors Rick Scott and Bruce Rauner: Sociopaths

  1. The oligarchs that pull the puppet strings for these governors are also sociopaths who are playing god.

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