Arne Duncan: CRAZY TALK

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is guilty of the following: cruelty to children, abuse of power, misapplication of teacher assessment,  debasement of public schools, perversion of tests which drive curriculum, and other propaganda issued to profit corporate education reform’s multinational investors and private equity fund managers. Arne Duncan is the PR front-man and financial reward giver/taker who intimidates children, parents, teachers, schools, school districts,  and states to comply with expensive and useless high stakes testing. HOW? He talks crazy talk.

Since he is the U.S. Secretary of Education with billions of tax dollars at his command, his crazy talk is repeated, repeated, repeated and spun by corporate media toadies. When a lie is repeated often enough, people treat it as truth; that is propaganda.

CRAZY TALK seems like a rather crude term to use regarding the statements made by a man at his hierarchical governmental level. If it wasn’t crazy talk, then the term would indeed be inappropriate. Since it is crazy talk, the term is simply accurate.

Here are five different statements Arne has made. If they seem unbelievable, Google the statements to see multiple sources of his words. Several have been repeated in remarks to various groups and organizations. Duncan is not stupid; he is a propagandist.

Now, YOU decide just how crazy his INTENTIONAL propaganda is.

Arne Duncan and teachers 1

Arne Duncan traces children

Arne Duncan 7 year olds

Duncan Ravitch a

Arne Duncan white suburban moms

CRAZY TALK. Arne Duncan needs to be removed from office or disempowered.

HOW can Duncan be disempowered? Help our children, help all parents and teachers and save public education. You and your friends and their friends can opt out, refuse, his stakes testing. Non-compliance is the solution. It is not easy, but it needs to be done to stop the privatization (corporate takeover) of public education. Go to United Opt Out National for state-by-state directions and sample letters.



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2 Responses to Arne Duncan: CRAZY TALK

  1. crazy is far too generous a compliment for him Ken LOL. Thank you for this excellent post. Arne came and spoke at a local university just this week. I decided to publicly challenge him. Here is what i said:
    My name is morna mcdermott. We have met before, first in 2011 before the SOS March and again in 2012 when United Opt Out occupied the US DOE. I represent 50,000 or more members of the Bad Ass teachers Association, 30,000 members of United Opt Out and another 30,000 members of Save our Schools. Collectively we are the voice that rejects policies coming forward from your office which we believe have been harmful to children, disrepectful of educators and destructive to public schools. There’s a raft of research to support this. We refuse to support embrace or perpetuate these policies which evidence proves have not benefitted children nor teachers nor public education but instead have been crafted behind slosed doors to benefit corporate CEO’s, politicians and the billionaires boys club. We are here to say “no more will we stand by and allow this to happen.” So my question Secretary Duncan to you is this: Are you ready for us? ”
    At Tim Slekar likes to say, “WE OWN THE NARRATIVE NOW”

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