Rahm’s Chicago where a $15 birth certificate copy costs $46.45 as schools are closed, teachers fired, etc.

“RAHM IS GOOD FOR CHICAGO because…” Because he is paying millions of dollars for ads to get re-elected.

Rahm’s Chicago bleeds every single one of the 2,700,000 present citizens and the innumerable people who have lived there in the past. He rips us off every day in every way. How?

Rahm Emanuel tax fee scam1

One easy example occurred a few weeks ago when I ordered a copy of my birth certificate. The tax fee is $15.00. That is how much goes into the tax base. That seems fair considering the services that Chicago should supply to its citizens.

But how much did I actually pay for a copy of my birth certificate – a single piece of paper mailed to me? $46.45

$31.45 goes to whichever of Rahm’s buddies gets the third party contract to copy and mail one sheet of paper. The money does not go into Chicago’s tax base to support schools and city services. The money goes into a “connected” buddy’s pocket.

Why would any of the 2,700,000 Chicagoans vote to re-elect Rahm?

Hey, Chicago! Wake up and throw the bum out!

Rahm-Emanuel license scam

By the way, my wife also needed a birth certificate and our marriage license in order to get an updated driver’s license. We had to pay a total of $139.35 for $45.00 worth of certificate copies, three sheets of paper.

So even though we presently live in another state, Rahm ripped us off. As a retired teacher I am living on my earned compensation (pension) which Rahm is threatening to cut. I believe he does not belong in City Hall. Rahm belongs in jail with several past Illinois governors who were convicted and justifiably imprisoned there.



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4 Responses to Rahm’s Chicago where a $15 birth certificate copy costs $46.45 as schools are closed, teachers fired, etc.

  1. Since Rham is contributing to the school to prison pipeline, we should send him down the pipe first for at least a 20 year sentence in the prison at the end of the line.

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  3. I can’t stand Rahm, but how does Rahm get money for County records? Birth Certificates aren’t City records.

    • Ken Previti says:

      Rahm, and Daley before him, have a hand in who gets what contract for what services. Yes, even at the county level – realpolitik. Result? Campaign contributions and more exchanged for clout and contracts. The contract decisions are actually influenced by several deciders on the Civic Committee of the Chicago Commercial Club. Rahm in Chicago and others in the county manage those governments for the profits of the owners in the billionaire club, CCCCC.

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