Democrapublican (dehm – oh – CRAP – uhb – lick – an): Rahm Emanuel

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Democrapublicans (dehm – oh – CRAP – uhb – lick – ans)

Democrapublicans are the Democrats and Republicans who wave the flag of their party’s claimed platform of beliefs while enacting identical laws and edicts proposed by their supposed opponents. (Rahm Emanuel is one of the most widely known Democrapublicans.) These laws were written by and benefit the corporate wealth and power of those who paid to write them – billionaires and multinational mega-corporations. The billionaire supported ALEC is the best known of these fence groups.

See HERE for more info.

 Rahm has given tax “breaks” to his 2nd largest campaign contributor, the Mercantile Exchange ($50 million), a hot dog corporation ($5 million) and more. His “grant” of a new basketball arena for a private Catholic university, DePaul, is still front page news ($55 million) as he claims that there are insufficient tax revenues for public schools, teachers, etc.

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2 Responses to Democrapublican (dehm – oh – CRAP – uhb – lick – an): Rahm Emanuel

  1. sharsand2013 says:

    Ken, One of your posts had been taken down today. Just curious what happened.

  2. Ken Previti says:

    Taken down from where?

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