Peggy Robertson stranded by Spirit Airlines in Florida after the UOO Conference

Correction from Kati Gilsen about article about Sam Anderson: Sam Anderson was at this years conference and I haven’t posted the article on him yet. The link to the substance news article is the article I wrote about Sam Anderson’s presentation at last years UOO conference in Denver, CO 2014.

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Spirit Airlines stranded Peggy Robertson, founder and leader of United Opt Out National, in Florida by claiming that they had no record of her flight information – in spite the fact that she produced the paperwork with the information.

Peggy is attempting to return home to Colorado mere hours after the UOO National Conference in Fort Lauderdale ended this evening.

By the way, here is the presentation of just one of the speakers from today, Sam Anderson – legendary civil rights activist. Reported by Kati Gilson in Substance News.
Excerpt regarding one of Anderson’s plans: ” A suggestion was made to put together an international conference. Anderson worked with the civil rights group through out the conference to create their piece of a plan for Colorado.”

This is either one hell of a coincidence, or…

CORRECTION from Kati Gilson of Substance News:
“Sam Anderson was at this year’s…

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