Teachers Beware: The lesser-of-two-evils empowers the greater-of-two-evils

If it were actually possible to imagine a thank-you note from an ex-governor to teachers, here is an all too possible example from Illinois’ ex-Governor Pat Quinn

Quinn thanks 6

Dear teachers,

Thanks for the millions of dollars you and the other public employees gave me as the lesser-of-two-evils to block the election of Bruce “Satan” Rauner. You ate stale, cold pizza in the houses of strangers to be part of phone banks telling prospective voters to elect me as a pro-teacher, pro-public education sweetheart.

You even ignored the facts that I signed bills destroying teachers’ rights and bills making unfair distinctions as to which teachers paid how much into schemes that took money from your checks for unrealistic pension saving benefits and bills that made rigged tests part of the way to have you fired and one big bill that ignores the constitutional guaranteed right to a fair pension thereby letting me engage in wage theft from active teachers and income theft from retirees.

You were so good to me that I simply must show you what “teacher appreciation” means to me.

I missed the legal deadline to appoint board members to the Teachers Retirement System board, but I went through the motions so you can see how good those appointees would have been for you. (See below for details.) This assures that the greater-of-two-evils, Gov. Bruce “Satan” Rauner, will appoint FOUR members to the board. It also assures that my political allies (D) can blame all the bad stuff that happens on the other guys (R). So, next election, make sure you work those phone banks again for my buddies. Nifty, huh?

Don’t blame me; I was put on God’s earth to do this to you. I am at peace with this.
Ask God.

Your BFF,

Ex-Gov. Pat “Lesser-of-Two-Evils” Quinn


Dear Active and Retired Teachers in Illinois,

Don’t blame me; blame Quinn’s ego and the voices in his head.




Reality Check:

The following email is from Bob Lyons who is elected by current retirees as their representative on the TRS Board.

Monday we had two open seats on our board and the outgoing governor appointed one of his people to the TRS Board that morning, though he should have known that the appointment was made too late.  Today that person and also two Quinn appointees, Marcia Campbell and Mark Harris, that were appointed, but never confirmed by the senate were told that they are no longer TRS trustees.  Campbell of course is a state officer of the IFT and has served with distinction for some years.  That means that now we have four openings for gubernatorial appointees that Rauner can make. Two Quinn appointees still have two years on their term.  Recall that there are a total of thirteen seats on the board with the State Superintendent of Education as our president.  Chris Koch was appointed superintendent under a Democratic administration and Rauner will have new appointments to state school board as well.  Six seats on the TRS are held by active and retired teachers.”

Bob Lyons



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