What does this have to do with public education, high stakes testing, CCSS, charters, vouchers, career teachers, VAM, etc.? Everything.

Liars and thieves have no political party affiliation except in exterior brand labels.

After a $100 million acrid battle for the governorship in Illinois involving an incumbent Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn and billionaire Tea Party Republican candidate Bruce Rauner, most people are stunned by what looks to many like collusion.

Quinn Rauner

What did ex-Gov. Quinn give to the man who defeated him in the last election, Gov. Rauner, as his first gift upon entering office?

FOUR positions to fill on the board of the Teacher Retire System, TRS, that controls billion dollar pension funds which Rauner personally had earlier made millions from.

The following email is from Bob Lyons who is elected by current retirees as their representative on the TRS Board.

“Monday we had two open seats on our board and the outgoing governor appointed one of his people to the TRS Board that morning, though he should have known that the appointment was made too late.  Today that person and also two Quinn appointees, Marcia Campbell and Mark Harris, that were appointed, but never confirmed by the senate were told that they are no longer TRS trustees.  Campbell of course is a state officer of the IFT and has served with distinction for some years.  That means that now we have four openings for gubernatorial appointees that Rauner can make. Two Quinn appointees still have two years on their term.  Recall that there are a total of thirteen seats on the board with the State Superintendent of Education as our president.  Chris Koch was appointed superintendent under a Democratic administration and Rauner will have new appointments to state school board as well.  Six seats on the TRS are held by active and retired teachers.”

Bob Lyons

What does this have to do with public education, high stakes testing, CCSS, charters, vouchers, career teachers, VAM, etc.?


Thieves who pillage teacher pension funds steal wages from active teachers by mandating retirement savings that profit the thieves’ accomplices. These thieves also steal the income from retirees who already paid into state mandated retirement systems from every single paycheck of their careers.

These thieves are chilling every potential career teacher. Even teachers have been advising their own children to choose anything except teaching as a career path.

No quality career teachers… (You connect the dots from here.)

Friend and fellow blogger Glen Brown comes to this conclusion, while I and many others agree.

“Don’t wait until it is too late to act. I have said before we must openly resist the way in which the state’s politicians (without moral conscience) continue to regulate public welfare. We must protest against the liars and thieves who have manufactured a financial crisis. We must protest against the liars and thieves who have perpetuated a financial crisis through irresponsibility, mismanagement and corruption; we must protest against the liars and thieves who have ignored moral responsibility and refused lawful remedy for the financial problems they have created. They are stealing part of the pension you have earned. They will continue to steal more of your pension in the future.”



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