Just because the other kids are doing it…

Question: What is wrong with this picture?


Answer: Nothing.


Moms and Dads,

None of our children are standardized.

CCSS is standardized.

What else needs to be discussed?

Ken Previti, Retired Teacher


As a child when I was scolded for doing something harmful or potentially harmful, I told my mother and father that all the other kids were doing it.

Their response was always the same. “Just because the other kids are doing it doesn’t mean that you should do it. If they all jumped off the…”

Your own parents wisely said the same thing.

In 2015 America, parents themselves need to follow their own advice.

Common Core compliant tests, whether they are labeled CCSS or rebranded via another corporation with a juicy state contract, must be stopped. High stakes tests are harmful or potentially harmful for all children.

No adults with school-age children have ever been subjected to high stakes mandated tests in the history of the United States.

In addition, families, teachers, schools and school districts are held hostage to these expensive tests that greatly profit the multinational investors who pressure and finance legislators to pass mandated high stakes tests. Children are not monetized guinea pigs.

How can you refuse the testing for the good of your children and all children?

Go the United Opt Out National site for instructions and help.

Better yet, attend or send a representative to attend and support the United Opt Out National Conference held in Fort Lauderdale, FL on January 16-18, 2015.

Whatever you do, stop your child from doing something harmful or potentially harmful.



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