RETIREES: You are nothing. (Congress and the media ignore you during a major crisis.)

How are YOU affected by the CRomnibus Bill?

Retirees need not answer.

10 million retirees will be hurt. The 1,600 pages devoted to legalizing pension pillage alone could not have been read by any member of Congress in the short time allotted prior to a vote. Thousands of phone calls, emails, petitions, letters from American citizens to U.S. Senators and Representatives obviously mean nothing. Major media such as CNN, the New York Times, etc. and even lesser sources of significance such as don’t even mention the section of the bill which destroys basic legal pension protections established over decades. They don’t mention our attempts and actions to retain our financial and contractual rights.

Major media news coverage in 2014 is corporate media information and propaganda. YOU and your best interests are counted only as data targeted for you as consumers. YOU have been monetized in the name of the “free” market – whatever that means today.


YOU? You are not even a pawn, not a trading chip, not a footnote in an article on a back page of paper or online coverage.

Even nothing gets a nod or a shrug because of its position as a part of memory that cannot quite be brought to mind at the moment. That makes YOU less than nothing.

That means that your earned compensation (pension) as your life savings and your ability to survive with that contracted and legally assured income mean nothing. Cut it. Reduce it. Destroy it with a new law by lawmakers that reverses all previous law on the subject of pensions. You worked for it. You earned it. The new law makes cuts for specious reasons or no actual reasons. Today’s lawmakers threw you under the bus.

YOU are collateral damage – targeted, but considered expendable.

“In order to save the pension fund, we had to destroy the pension fund.”

YOU are less than nothing. You remember when America was more than a group of corporate toadies disguised as legislators. You remember when we had rights that are now referred to as privileges to be denied to you for the whim of the moment or less.

That was then; this is now.

A corporate coup of historic proportions has take place. Now, we must either remain in denial or refuse to be willing victims.

Because I am a human being, I choose to be humane in my treatment of others. I further choose to fight the immense corporate and financial forces and the billionaire plutocrats behind those forces. I refuse to be a willing victim.

Please organize locally to refuse victimization. Now is the time to plan. Please act where and when possible.

YOU are a human being with human rights. Please remain so in spite of this setback.

Refuse to be willing victims.




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4 Responses to RETIREES: You are nothing. (Congress and the media ignore you during a major crisis.)

  1. sharsand2013 says:

    If the government were/is short of money in federal pensions they mismanaged, just like here in Illinois, then have corporations pay their fair share of taxes to cover the pension and remove the loopholes, inversions, and offshoring of profits. We should all be doing the same fight we’re doing here in Illinois–going to the capitol on a regular basis asking for corporate reform, the end of tax loopholes, and transparency and accountability. And we’re going to continue doing this. In Illinois 73% of public corporations don’t pay any state taxes and how many of these public corporations don’t pay any federal taxes either–like GE.

    It’s an outrage and we should be all knocking on Congress’ door. These corporations get away with writing their own laws via ALEC, buying their favorite legislators and their own loopholes so as to pay the least amount of taxes or none at all.. No one cracked down on the hedge and derivative funds that called investments AAA when they were loaded with subprime, they have again mismanaged our pensions, and now they’re telling us we have to pay the price for their greed, lack of skill, and massive fees. They know they can get away with it because our government never held anyone accountable at the top of the pyramid and the citizens are not outraged enough, even though I can’t figure out why not, other than a media that doesn’t tell them anything.

    • Ken Previti says:

      My only disagreement with you is your use of “mismanaged.” Our legislators managed the pension funds just as they intended. They chose not to pay what they owed us by contract. They chose to give that money to whatever else they desired to pay for – as corporations were excluded from paying fair taxes. Those legislators stole. They chose to do so. They belong in jail, but they wrote laws which protected themselves from being held legally responsible for the theft.
      I agree with everything else you say.
      You and your group are needed to organize and act. Please keep working. We all need you.

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