Cuts for 10 Million American Retirees to be Legalized. Where is the RAGE?

“Thee Congressional proposal to deal with a supposed crisis in worker pensions by allowing trustees to slash the benefits of already-retired workers to shreds is heading toward enactment.”

Where is the rage?

pension cuts legalized at federal level

“Its details were secret. They still are. Reps. John Kline, R-Minn, and George Miller, D-Martinez–the chairman and ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, told reporters on a conference call late Tuesday that the measure is being passed over to the House Rules Committee, which will move it as an amendment to an omnibus spending bill, as early as Wednesday. Senate action will follow, presumably no later than Thursday, when Congress departs for vacation.”

Secret details performed by our own federal legislators to be included in a lame-duck session as part of a giant omnibus bill within 24 hours prior to the legislative Christmas Break. Vote for the whole bill or everyone else will suffer for it.

Where is the rage?

This is a hostage crisis. The terrorists are the U.S. Congressional bullies. “Allow the elderly to be pillaged and starved from their legal earned compensation which has been stolen and used for other things (This is what “underfunded” means.) or we will hurt everyone in the nation.”

Where is the rage?

Sen. Kline and grinning woman

By the way, get that grinning woman standing behind Senator Kline out of camera view. The lives of 10 million people forced into destitution is not a situation calling for grinning Senate supporters and family members mugging for the camera.

“At this moment the pension bill appears to be a legislative juggernaut. “The last ‘I’ has been dotted and the last ‘T’ has been crossed,” Kline said. He and Miller presented their achievement as a huge boon for workers and retirees, but it could be a disaster instead. No one will know until they see the language, but that may not happen until it’s too late.”

Where is the rage?

This is not a democratic process enacted by the Congress of the wealthiest nation in the world. This is autocratic theft and pillage that will cause unimaginable suffering to the elderly who are not all sitting in golf carts or gathered at a local restaurant wearing their flannel shirts and union caps complaining about their latest unnecessary surgeries. These are not all retired bad teachers (scapegoats for nearly everything today) whose greed is supposedly destroying the fabric of the nation. Human beings are being victimized and made to suffer.

Where is the rage?

Read the entire article in the L.A. Times, That awful Congressional plan to allow pension cuts heads for enactment. (Notice that the article is from the Business section. Lots of money will become available to hedge fund managers and pension attorneys, and-and-and…) Google the topic for other sources.





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4 Responses to Cuts for 10 Million American Retirees to be Legalized. Where is the RAGE?

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  4. Do investors buy shares of the funds these pensions are supposed to be paid out of? Whose interests come first, the workers who contributed to the funds, or the investors that clicked on a screen or made a call to buy or sell shares of those workers contributions?

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