The National Education Association is holding its National Council of Urban Education Associations. The Big Data Wars are evident there, but we all need to question data every day in every way.

Simply because a few billionaires seek to monetize children, end public education, and make immense profits for themselves, the “Data Driven” claims of truth need not be believed or acted upon. The NEA uses the interpretations of data from the think tanks, organizations and foundations paid for by these same billionaires.

Big Data not Truth

Read Why Big Data Is Not Truth in the New York Times.
“That promise of certainty has been a hallmark of the technology industry for decades. With Big Data, however, there are even more hazards, some human and some inherent in the technology.”

Read the definition of Data in Technology in the dictionary.
Data on its own has no meaning, only when interpreted by some kind of data processing system does it take on meaning and become information.”

Read Why Nobody Said Big Data is Truth in
“Big data is at the end of the day just a tool. Like all other tools, its results should be examined for efficacy and desired outcomes.”

Read The Hypocrisy of Data Drivers in Anthony Cody’s blog.
The question that comes to mind is: ‘If these officials really cared about data, wouldn’t they make sure that the data they are using to drive their decisions is accurate?’
And this then leads me to a whole series of similar questions about the mighty agents of reform that are disrupting and transforming our schools from coast to coast and beyond. To be clear, the proponents of reform I am describing include the Gates Foundation, the Federal Department of Education, and their allies and grant recipients around the nation.”

Read Project Will Increase Activism Through Big Data Analytics as a press release of the NEA quoted on
“The National Education Association (NEA) announced today that it is working with Catalist and NGP VAN to develop its ‘Activist Continuum.’  This project uses Catalist ‘Big Data’ analytics to synthesize and understand NEA member activity across a range of civic activities, and make that understanding of each member actionable in the NGP VAN software via features developed for the NEA.  This will allow the NEA to interact with members at the correct level of engagement, on the issues they care about, leading to more action and greater efficiency.”

Read Our Children Are Not Bill Gates Guinea Pigs! by Myra Blackmon via Diane Ravitch’s blog.
Where is the moral outrage? Why on earth do we accept what Bill Gates says and deny the research that tells us not only that data-driven, test-based education doesn’t work, but tells us what can best help our children learn?”

Gates collects data

Put them together and the massive attack on public education, its children and teachers. and the total reshaping of class training and education becomes evident.

Stop the corporate takeover of the futures of America’s children, our children. Opt-out of all state mandated testing; dry up the data at its source. Public-private partnerships (privatization) is the corporate euphemism for a political coup of historic scope.



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