Teachers at Thanksgiving: We WILL Survive

Active and retired teachers at Thanksgiving this year need reassurance that we will survive. And, we WILL survive.

With all of the viciousness aimed at teachers, we continue to refuse to be willing victims.

The successes that we have had recently are a sign that the times are changing in our favor. Let’s savor one.

The latest example has been in Illinois where pension cutting bill, SB1, has been declared unconstitutional by the Honorable John Belz of the 7th Judicial Circuit Court. (Pension attacks are attempts at wage theft from active teachers and pillage of earned compensation from retired teachers.)

After years of blogging with friends Fred Klonsky, Glen Brown and John Dillon, it is wonderful to pass along the news that all active and retired Illinois teachers have this court victory to be thankful for. So, let’s celebrate with a song and a few laughs!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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One Response to Teachers at Thanksgiving: We WILL Survive

  1. I heard that Quinn will get a pension (if he takes it) of $136,000 and it will increase to $238,000 within 20 years (about $ 3 1/2 million total). I taught longer than he’s been in public service, yet he signed SB1 to reduce my pension. Rauner is worth even more and said SB1 didn’t go far enough. While I’m happy with this victory, I’ll be happier if/when the Supreme Court throws out SB1 and the legislature has to start over. Maybe then they’ll ask teachers to serve on their committees and actually work with us.

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