Record number of evil candidates elected. Teacher hating, school bashing, CCSS loving…

Why was a record number of truly evil people elected during this last election?

This is not mere opinion. This is fact. Evil people in elected office.

When both major political parties run corporate sponsored candidates, candidates openly described as the lesser-of-two-evils, evil candidates must be elected.

Since both of the two major party candidates trash talked the evil qualities of the other candidate, choice was an illusion.

Malloy pension theft

Which pile of goat poop is worse? The one on the road or the one on the street? Choose the one you believe is the lesser-of-two-evil-stench-producing piles. Bizarre.

Notice how many people actually said, “Well, I guess I’ll just hold my nose and vote for ____ ____.”

These newly elected officials bash schools that have become worse in the last ten years under the CCSS curriculum compliant, high stakes testing regime that drains money from public schools as multinational investors line their pockets with American tax dollars marked for public education. Public education taxes going to people who keep their profits in other countries in order to avoid paying American taxes.

If the CCSS compliant curriculum is so wonderful, if the schools that have been subjected to it for over a decade (miracle schools with miracle results) are failing, why are the miracle schools worsening according to the same people? This is crazy talk.

It does, however, make billions of dollars for privatized charter schools, testing and text publishing corporations, mandated online programs requiring a constantly new form of technology that needs constant dollar increases that all combine to enrich multinational investors.

Notice that arbitrarily firing teachers in large batches and closing schools by the dozens have not helped. Notice the witch hunts for bad teachers has been a fiasco.

Rauner candidate

Especially notice that meeting the needs of children have not been mentioned.

Data is all important. Data examined for arbitrary and shifting meaning. Data is not human. Corporations are not human. Children are human.

Who and where are the evil people elected to continue the abuse of children for multinational profit?

Scott 1

Rick Scott in Florida. (The CEO who headed a corporation guilty of the greatest fraud in Medicare history.)

Bruce Rauner in Illinois. (The billionaire investor in healthcare facilities for special needs people that provided inhumane living conditions – conditions that would have closed down dog kennels.)

Dan Malloy in Connecticut. (The captain of corruption that would take hundreds of pages to enumerate.)

Well, you continue the list yourself.

Name those you realize are truly evil with no question about it. People who belong in jail – not in public office.

Until third party candidates or well educated, well informed specific major party candidates are sought early and supported vociferously, the evil of child abuse for profit will continue. The cycle of voter choice-illusion (the lesser-of-two-evils serving megacorporate interests rather than our common good) will continue until people sicken and fail to protect themselves and their children from destructive plutocrats. Unless. Unless we all refuse to be willing victims.

Stop falling for the hold-your-nose, lesser-of-two-evils scam that is based in propaganda and corruption. Democrapublicans posing as whatever each brand used to be. Get active now!

Our children need you. Communities, teachers, and American public schools need you.



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