Bait-and-Switch: NBC, the Network for Public Education, Diane Ravitch, and Jitu Brown

From Anthony Cody and the Network for Public Education:

NBC has decided NOT to do their own Education Nation. PUBLIC Education Nation has taken over that space — But we need your help!
Tomorrow is an experiment — an attempt to reach a new audience, a wider audience. An effort to create our own media, since we are often frozen out by mainstream media. As usual we lack much of a promotional budget and must rely on one another, and those who are sympathetic, to spread the word.
Could you help us by sharing the word via your blogs, Twitter, and Facebook?

PublicEducationNation 10-11-14

Susan DuFresne has volunteered to lead our social media campaign. Please retweet and share the memes and messages she posts.

Share the newsletter — one just went out featuring Diane and Jitu.

Share the links to the live video feed, especially tomorrow morning Saturday, October 11th from 9:00 am to noon:

Please join us online if you cannot make it in person, and tweet the event using the hashtag ‪#‎PublicEdNation‬

Thank you!!

Anthony Cody

(By the way, this bait-and-switch by NBC is obviously a corporate decision influenced by NBC’s own boards, trustees and advertisers. To present “both” sides gives equal weight and validity to corporate education reform, CCSS and all the rest of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ involved. The .01% will have 50% of the attention. So what! We can win only by fighting for what we know is right. Please be part of the fight; refuse to be willing victims. -Ken Previti)



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