“I must do right by the children… I refuse to administer the PARCC.”

“I must do right by the children…”

Do we realize that saving our children requires that we ALL “must do right by the children”?

I know Peggy Robertson, a mom and a Colorado teacher who helped found United Opt Out.

I have more respect for her as a human being and as a teacher than I have for any of the bought-and-paid-for politicians who shill for the profit making CCSS (Yes, it is private. Yes, it was created to make profits.) and all of the profit making multinational fund managers and “philanthropic” foundation investors who are part of the coup against sane levels of valid testing.

Bill Gates once famously and publicly stated that it would take another ten years to see if the present “experiment” will work. Since his own children are not being experimented on, he avoids mentioning the direct and indirect profit taking he makes via his “philanthropic” and tax free foundation. Other billionaires are also profit taking in the guise of improving education via rigor and expensive testing. Next year, as reported in The Nation, predictions of $780 billion in market value is placed on K-12 education.

Our children are being experimented on – for profit.

There is one way to stop this mass form of child abuse – refuse, opt-out.

Say, “NO MORE.” Refuse to continue the cycle

Peggy Robertson in her blog Peg with Pen:
“I take objection to the fact that our children are being used as guinea pigs in an experiment to implement standards which were never field tested, are copyrighted,  were not created using a democratic process, and were not created with the input of classroom teachers. Furthermore, the Common Core standards have placed unrealistic expectations on our youngest learners, many who now view themselves as failures, because they are unable to meet the developmentally inappropriate expectations set by the Common Core standards.
I must do right by the children of Colorado and the teachers of Colorado, therefore, I refuse to administer the PARCC.”

Peggy Robertson - I refuse

As reported by Valerie Strauss in the Washington Post:
“Robertson explains why she has decided to refuse to administer what is known as the PARCC test, a Common Core-aligned test being designed by one of two multi-state consortia that are working with $360 million in federal funds to create new standardized exams. PARCC refers to the official name of the consortium, which is the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers.”

Since No Child Left Behind began in 2001 and Race to the Top added a $4.3 billion federal “reward” to compliant states and their compliant politicians, the results for our children have been abysmal. The 9 year old in 2001 is 22 years old today and probably underemployed and underpaid. Today’s 9 year old will be 19 years old before Gates and other investors will examine how successful this “experiment” has been for children. Since he and other billionaires will have received unimaginable levels of profit from this “private-public partnership” via CCSS aligned high stakes testing, Gates and the others might simply want to drain even more from what was once the promise of America – the futures of our children.

There is a point where capitalism and profits overreach sanity and become child abuse. We have reached that point.We must end CCSS aligned testing.



Thank you, Peggy, for your decisive action.






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  1. Ken Previti says:

    Reblogged this on Reclaim Reform and commented:

    And today, in March of 2015, Peggy Robertson is being targeted by her school district for speaking truth to power. SUPPORT PEGGY ROBERTSON AND #defendchildren. See The Denver Post article http://www.denverpost.com/News/Local/ci_27618118/Educators-refusal-to-give-PARCC-called-into-question-by-district?source=infinite

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