Testing Boycott Success: CCSS aligned Measure of English Language Arts Performance Assessment ELIMINATED in NYC

Opt Out News: The International High School of Prospect Heights in Brooklyn testing boycott led the City of New York to drop the mandated tests for the entire city school system. The Measure of English Language Arts Performance Assessment aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is ended.

Official statement: “For 2014-2015 we have eliminated this mandate.”

international hs prospect heights NY

For more specifics, read HERE from Fred Klonsky’s blog.

Jessica Klonsky, a teacher at the school, posted:
You know that test the teachers at my school refused to give last year? The city isn’t going to make any students take it this year. Coincidence? I think not.”


Celebrate. Organize. Refuse the tests. Opt out. Boycott. Stay determined and strong.

It worked in the largest city in the United States. You can make it work in YOUR school district.

The United Opt Out site has sample letters and information for parents and others in each state.




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