Even PBS has reached the “enough is enough” point – “The Roosevelts”

Even PBS which relies on corporate sponsorship and the whims of politicians for its daily existence has reached the “enough is enough” point.

In Ken Burns’ “The Roosevelts” the reality of what Democrats and Republicans are versus what they were screams for our attention.

“Over the past thirty years, Presidents and Congresses have become so subservient to corporations and Wall Street that the two major political parties are all but indistinguishable.
One of the reasons why our politics have become so volatile and opinion polls show over and over again that our people have nothing but contempt for the whole political class in Washington is the widespread recognition that the plutocrats, CEOs, and Wall Street bankers have effectively seized our governing institutions.”
Joseph A. Palermo in the Huffington Post.


By the way, PBS and the large networks, such as ABC, present education news “thanks to the generous support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.” The foundation’s own experts are called upon to show “both sides” of the issue the foundation itself framed.

This is the tax-free foundation that invests its funds in corporate education reform, CCSS, high stakes testing, online programming, computerized everything, paper and online textbooks, privatized charters paid for with public education taxes to profit private multinational investors and its own private foundation… “Public Private Partnerships.” The abuse goes on and on with the Walton Family, Eli Broad, Bloomberg, Koch Industries, and other plutocrats with tax free foundations that give away millions for philanthropy while making billions in tax free foundations under their own control.


Even the PBS of 2014 knows when enough is enough. We are in danger of being America in name only. America ®




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