What do we do to our superb retired teachers? Lies, insults and slow starvation seem politically popular today.

As we mature, we realize how many people helped us and influenced our lives – people we often took for granted. Teachers are among them. How often have we asked ourselves, “I wonder whatever happened to Mrs. ——?”

Well, she knew she would never grow wealthy by teaching us, but she paid for her pension with every paycheck and followed all the demands required for her earned compensation. Deferred compensation guaranteed by the government itself.

She should be fine by now during her golden years. Or…

Unless some billionaire multinational investors in sleazy hedge funds pay some politicians to plunder the pensions while claiming to save teacher pension funds and the state from doom. Doom, death and destruction – unless we sacrifice the elderly who served us well.

Read Fred Klonsky HERE about: And with our public employee pensions and Social Security under attack across the country, including here in Illinois, there will be less older foodies and more older-foodless.”

But what if we prove that the horrendous cuts are not necessary and the “balanced books” are just as pack of lies?

Read the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability facts via Glen Brown HERE about one billionaire gubernatorial candidate named Bruce Rauner whose “Bring Back Blueprint: Jobs and Growth Agenda” is a pack of lies for anyone to see or analyze.

The Blueprint presents no data, plan, or policy proposal as to how to balance the budget.”

But, what would the state legislators say when presented with this reality?

They will say whatever the wealthy string-pullers put in their mouths.


What can we do to stop the horrendous mistreatment and abuses inflicted upon those wonderful people who helped and influenced us as children? Cut their puppet strings. Throw the bums out. They are thieves and liars and deserve to be thrown out of office.

Refuse to victimize retired teachers. This is no way to treat those who served as the finest of public servants, our old teachers. Vote against those who add to the growing vilification and slow starvation of our retired teachers. They worked and paid for their earned compensation. Multinational investors and hedge fund managers must not be allowed to steal from and starve our aging and elderly teachers.

Vote the puppets out in every state.
(And organize today for next year’s elections.)



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