Politics, Cancer, CCSS, Teachers, Children and Voting

The extremism masked as governmental reform is nearly beyond the realm of sanity. The simple propaganda of repeating something over and over again in TV ads to the voting public is overwhelming logic and sanity.

The governor’s race in Illinois is a perfect example of what is happening across America in every level of elective office and political campaign. Billionaire sociopath and gubernatorial candidate Bruce’s Rauner has his present wife, Diana, recite the usual anti-big-government blather followed by, “Bruce has no social agenda.”

(Yes, “has his wife recite” is the correct term. Neither believes in equal rights for women.)

What does Bruce Rauner promise to do? Close public schools, fire teachers, mandate expensive high stakes testing, deny earned compensation (pensions), reduce the minimum wage, shut down government and force a re-do of contracts, refuse equal rights for women, give taxpayer taxes as incentives even to corporations that pay no taxes… The list goes on.

No social agenda? NO social agenda???

The best lie is always based on truth. Illinois government desperately needs reform, and that is the truth.

Gates and Camel cigarettes

The rest is a series of beautifully, photographed and produced propaganda pieces paid for by billionaire boys’ club money. It is exactly what TV ads used to do for cigarette companies when they stated that doctors recommend such-and-such a brand of cigarettes. And just as destructive.

Who should you vote for when there is no viable and humane candidate to vote for? The lesser-of-two-evils? Even though the other candidate, Pat Quinn, has been doing very much the same thing while making his running mate, Paul Vallas, the one person in America who had done more harm to teachers, schools, children and the economies of several states than any other human being? Who should you choose?

Who is the lesser-of-two-evils when the only two sides on the ballot are taking money to follow the agenda of multinational corporate investors who don’t give a damn about you, our children, or our future as a leading, major country?

Which brand of cigarettes will you choose?


Please give up smoking in the future and find those who promise clean air and anti-pollution laws. (Yes, this is a metaphor.)


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2 Responses to Politics, Cancer, CCSS, Teachers, Children and Voting

  1. HDW says:

    I’m writing in Scott Summers for governor this November. He’s the Green Party candidate who was knocked off the ballot by the Democrats, who challenged his petition signatures. He is pro-public school (not charter school) and pro-union. Let’s light a fire under the asses of the Democrats, who have betrayed the working people of Illinois. Vote for a progressive candidate THIS NOVEMBER. I’m not waiting.

  2. 2old2tch says:

    Every time Rauner’s wife comes on and proudly announces that Bruce has no social agenda, I find myself shaking my head and talking back to the TV. I cannot for the life of me figure out why they should be proud of having no plans for the homeless, the mentally ill, veterans, the poor, the medically underserved, … How does he plan to meet the needs of the people of Illinois without a social agenda? Who does he think is going to meet these needs after he freezes property taxes and cuts income taxes? The only plan he has is to increase taxes on services, the very services which so many of these same people already find difficult to afford. Does he plan to privatize all the public services we receive?

    I wish Quinn would give me a reason to vote for him. He has done nothing to gain this former teacher’s support. Vallas is a slap in the face. I’m not sure why Rauner didn’t grab him first.

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