Who will care for the public education of our children?

When immense wealth finances political parties, elections become a mockery, a mere puppet show, of the democratic process. When the voting process allows two, and only two, sides which are both financed by immense wealth, the game is merely that – a game.

Rauner Quinn1

Illinois has two teams of servants who serve the demands of the super-wealthy members of The Billionaire Boys Club whose legal name is the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago.


Billionaire extremist Bruce Rauner (R) and his Sanguinetti version of Sara Palin promise to destroy public services, especially everything and everyone connected to public education. Present Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D), who has already cut many public services including education, chose Paul Vallas as his running mate. Vallas has actually spent his adult lifetime destroying public services, especially everything and everyone connected to public education.

In Florida present Gov. Rick Scott (R) cut education funding. His opponent, ex-Republican Gov. Charlie Crist (D) cut education funding when he was in office. Both claim to support public education funding.

Viable third party candidates were crippled or destroyed before and during the primaries by rules and regulations specifically designed to eliminate them. Many candidates were hamstrung by breaking the rules and regulations in blatant violation of laws and decency. Corporate stooges are well funded and unhampered by rules and regulations.

Therefore, in many specific elections, there is merely the illusion of choice.

In Connecticut the well qualified and capable third party candidate, Jonathan Pelto, and his running mate, Ebony Murphy, are in the process of being blocked by the same in-your-face political machine disruption of the fair election process.
(Jonathan Pelto just released this statement.
“The petitioning process was an eye opening one.  While requiring candidates to collect 7,500 signatures to qualify for a position on the gubernatorial ballot continues to seem like a reasonable number, the primitive and burdensome laws and archaic system clearly serves as an unfair barrier to those who believe our democratic system would be better served if voters had more choices when they go to vote.)

The rigged two-team game will have a winner, even if only 8% of people go to the voting booths. The winner can then have the false air of legitimacy in office.

Rather than go on and on with this list, what has and is happening in your state, county and city that mirrors this corruption-as-government process? Which specific elections near you are merely the illusion of choice?

There is one tried and true way to solve this problem. Today, start contacting friends and groups you know and trust. Organize and become active. Find or create a candidate for the next elections of whatever you feel is a worthwhile elected position to begin a turnaround process.


By the way, there are not two sides to every argument. The news should not present both sides of an issue. That is not fair or balanced. Reality: “There are at least two side to every issue.” (Ask anyone who has more than two children standing next to a broken lamp.)

Redefining news and fair elections is propaganda. The propagandist and ideologue Ayn Rand redefined sides to an issue. “There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.” She distorted Aesop’s original statement, “Every truth has two sides,” which is a truly deep philosophical thought.



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3 Responses to Who will care for the public education of our children?

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  2. justateacher says:

    I don’t believe in “sides” to an issue. There is a continuum of beliefs, a tapestry of beliefs. Ideologies are cancerous.

    Even people who think they are on the same “side” have differences of opinion, and many will attack each other when their differences emerge, just as they attack those on the other “side.”

    We are raised to competition and individualism in this culture, to an extreme. That promotes “sides” rather than dialogue.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with this assessment. The time has come to back 3rd party or independent candidates who adopt a platform of economic rights for all Americans. Such a platform exists, and there are a few candidates working hard to bring the reality of an economic recovery that will save our public institutions of schools, hospitals, & libraries as well as rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and create 30 million jobs w/decent wages. We need to make Wall Street pay its fair share with a 1% sales tax (with a cap of 1 million for individual investors so 401(k)s, etc. will not be affected) and restore the Federal Reserve’s original purpose of acting like a National Bank (not run by a clique of bankers as it is now) to provide low to no-interest loans for students, homeowners, etc. Also, all Americans have a right to high-quality healthcare; we can provide that by eliminating the age requirement on Medicare. Make Medicare available to anyone who needs it at about $100/month, less or zero if living in poverty. We can get there, America, but we must make our voices be heard and break down the corruption of the political system (in both parties). Here are 2 candidates running on such economic recovery platforms: DanforNebraska.com & HintonforCongress.com Also, check out the WorldAusterityReport.net for articles about candidates, on education “reform,” the TPP, and much more. Ignite a fire within yourself & become an activist so that we can lift people out of poverty, educate all willing to work hard, stop these endless wars, and become a great country once again.

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