The same poo-poo in new bags.

When Common Core State Standards (tests, texts and all) are given new CCSS “aligned” coverings by the state, does it matter?

Florida Gov. Rick Scott played the “save us from big government control” game even as the newly branded state education standards, texts, programs, tests, grading, etc, remain Common Core “aligned.” The name was changed from FCAT to FSA. Same profiteers, same tax theft from public schools to profit international corporate education reform investors, same insane pressure on students, same failing schools scams – NEW Name. Same poo-poo in new bags.

Bags of Poop2

Scott posed as the statesman rescuer of school children from nasty old Obamaeducation as he continues CCSS. He is similar to a person calling himself a savior on the Titanic as he tosses one deck chair overboard prior to sinking.

“We believe schools that have English language learners should not be penalized (for two years). Unfortunately federal officials disagree,” Scott said.
– from news

Huh? That’s all Scott is going to do to make a difference?

“Like the standards, the Florida Standards Assessment — which replaces last year’s FCAT 2.0 end-of-year standardized test — demands more from students…
In short, students’ test scores will get worse before they get better…
Further, the state is moving toward having nearly all FSA exams administered by computer by the 2017-18 school year, which is taxing financially to school districts that already struggle to keep up with technology demands.”
– from the Pensacola News Journal

Oh, fail more children, fail more schools, fire more teachers and charge local tax payers more. Now, THAT makes a difference! Even Scott’s Tea Party backers might have a problem with the tax part.

Will people keep putting up with this self-destructive, state mandated politico-demolition?

Not Florida’s Lee County School Board.

Florida’s Lee County became on Wednesday night the first school district in the state to vote to opt out of all state-mandated testing, including exams that are being designed to assess student knowledge of new state standards based on the Common Core.”
– from the Washington Post

Huh? “New” standards “based” on CCSS?

That is the same poo-poo in new bags.



Opt-Out individually or by school district.

Visit United Opt-Out HERE for guides and sample letters by state.


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3 Responses to The same poo-poo in new bags.

  1. “A rose is a rose by any other name…” In this case, it’s stiil PARCC=CCRAP. In Texas, students take the STARR (“standardized”–ha, ha–test). But it’s really RRATS. Your post title is spot-on, Ken! (or–no-tops or no opts {but, really, there ARE lots of opts–OPT OUT!})

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