The super wealthy can self-promote themselves for ALS while collecting and distributing student data, profiting from e-college, etc.

“Here’s another example of what happens when the very wealthy and the very self-loving gets involved in a grass roots movement to help. They can turn anything into some means to feel secure about their lofty positions and expose their deep seated psychological need to be recognized as better…
Sick little heads…
They keep Freud alive.”
John Dillon, retired teacher and blogger extraordinaire

Three billionaires. One, J. B. Pritzker, makes a video, starring himself, as a generous donor to ALS research. How much is the contribution? $26,000.

Let’s see…


– $26,000




Contribution Rule #1: Never spend more on a video promoting your personal generosity than you contribute to the fund raising effort.

(How much was your personal income last year? Think of all the wonderful and sincere people across America who are giving so much to ALS research while having a little fun putting their videos on YouTube. Terrific! It’s infuriating that JB and his narcissistic, arrogant cohorts use this video for press-release promotions of themselves and their profiteering organizations. $26,000? His tax-free foundation spends more on a luncheon event. )

Pritzker, Mansueto, and Lefkofsky… It is a promotion for 1871, a group of businesses involved with his Pritzker Group Venture Capital.
Disclosure: 1871 was the year of the Great Chicago Fire which my great-grandmother barely survived in her new country with just the clothes on her back and the trauma of the experience.

1871, the group, celebrates the scorched earth crisis which allowed investors to profit from tragedy. (Read their own page.)

What Arne Duncan said about Hurricane Katrina (“The best thing that happened to the education system in New Orleans.”) was a mere prelude to dismantling the public schools, firing qualified teachers and replacing them with highly profitable charter schools which hired poorly paid non-union teachers who were both legally state qualified and unqualified . These charters have miserably failed the remaining children in that city.

1871? Name your group after a deadly conflagration that was an economic boon for wealthy investors? Plan for a similar scorched earth policy for the people and property of one of the largest cities in America? Horrible!
(For some reason, JB doesn’t mention his also-a-billionaire sister, ex-school-closing Chicago Board of Education member and present U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker. He doesn’t mention the other eleven members, all billionaires according to Forbes, of his family invested in this stuff while wearing the cloak of philanthropists. Nor does he mention his investments in charter schools that profit from public education dollars for every closed public school. Instead, J.B. laughs at Chicago people, young and old.)

Read the Crain’s Chicago Business article and view J.B. Pritzker’s personal video HERE.


What J.B. Pritzker says about bleeding Chicago citizens of millions of dollars is arrogant and disturbing at many levels. Listen carefully to his own words as he laughingly brags about his personal level of evil and his evil friends. This video is strange stuff.



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