Connect the Dots: Whoopi, Ari and Rahm Emanuel, Destruction of Public Education, Ending Tenure

UPDATE: Whoopi Goldberg’s attack on due process (tenure) for teachers.

Her attacks on teacher tenure cannot be as innocent or uninformed when seen with links to her personal and business associates.

Here are the dots; let’s connect them.

  • Whoopi >
  • Ari Emanuel >
  • Rahm Emanuel >
  • Destruction of public education >
  • End of TENURE


(There are links to view as source material.)

I was naive to think that Whoopi simply misunderstood the concept of tenure. Tenure for ALL K-12 public school teachers was and is “due process” protection.

In many states, teachers are protected from being fired on a whim or an unproven allegation. Teachers who advocate for children’s rights, such as expensive testing, accommodations and remedial teaching for the treatment of dyslexia or other learning difficulties, are often targeted as “problem” teachers.

Now I see that Whoopi’s agent is in effect Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Ari (who has a controlling interest in William Morris Agency – the prominent power player in Hollywood). Ari Emanuel philanthropically (financially) supports education programs that mix tax-advantaged foundation money and public funds. He and his agency have also been embroiled in many controversies of various sorts. Money and power play into all of these entanglements.

As most people know, Ari’s brother Rahm is crushing public education, teachers, and TENURE in Chicago. Since the glut of school closings began, thousands of poor Chicago children are “unaccounted for” students who are being ignored and “overlooked.” Most of those lost children, many of whom are homeless, have no neighborhood school to attend, and they often are not allowed to even sign-up for the charter schools that have replaced their public schools.

Whoopi is intelligent and street-smart.


How could she not realize that only teachers with the security of due process (tenure) can dare to fight the “system” for these at-risk students, students who are today suffering from dyslexia and other learning difficulties just as she did over 40 years ago when she dropped out of school?

I detect the familiar stench of corrupt politics and profiteers – and the people who serve their interests one way or another. (“My mother was a teacher” doesn’t exonerate anybody for anything.)

I have always admired Whoopi – I want very much to be wrong about this. However, her TV network that presents education news which is funded with a generous grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation stinks.

Ari, his brother Rahm, and all of their charter school-owning investor cronies stink.

All of their anti-teacher, anti-union, and anti-tenure connections stink.

People who scapegoat and demonize teachers stink.

Stench. The stench of corruption.

Whoopi does not appear as innocent and misinformed as I originally chose to believe earlier. Her position as a very loud and somewhat credible voice on an extremely popular TV program targeted at moms is an abuse when she chooses to scapegoat teachers.

Tenure for teachers is a necessity for the good of our children, our qualified and experienced teachers, and our nation.



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One Response to Connect the Dots: Whoopi, Ari and Rahm Emanuel, Destruction of Public Education, Ending Tenure

  1. Dienne says:

    Her response to those who tried to correct her should have been telling enough. She ripped up Facebook comments on air and called her critics “crazies” and told everyone to stop tweeting her. Those are not the actions of someone who was simply innocently misguided.

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