Kill the teachers or the state will bleed to death? – Propaganda 101

The assault on active and retired teachers extends to threatening them all. No joke. No satire. Pure threat via lies and propaganda in a major media outlet.

Teachers in all of Illinois are threatened today with this article and topic, purportedly about electing the next governor and the tough decision about taking money from greedy teachers for the good of the state.

“No pension reform? Then no funding increase.”

Great title, if you believe illogical logic.

The humble reporter for the Sun-Times article is merely trying to satisfy his boss. “My editor is a grumpy sort who doesn’t want me to speculate in print about how each [gubernatorial] candidate would answer such a question, at least not with imagined quotes.”

R Eden Martin a

Who is this humble reporter? The very wealthy (way beyond affluent) member of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange and a recent President of the Commercial Club of Chicago as well as a Director of Aon Corporation, a British multinational corporation.

Eden Martin, humble reporter, is actually R. Eden Martin, super-wealthy multinational corporate investor and propagandist.

Beware. After saying he is not to speculate in print about how candidates would answer, he proceeds to speculate in print how candidates would answer.

Not many people realize that the state legislature is required by law to fund, as earned compensation, teacher pensions. The pensions are further protected by the Illinois constitution. State legislators have intentionally not fully funded pensions, preferring to use the money for pet projects that profit political cronies and campaign contributors. Legislators don’t want to be considered the thieves that they are, so the procedure is euphemistically called underfunding. This type of theft became so popular that R. Eden Martin and his cohorts have encouraged legislators to shift money in order to put the money elsewhere into more “worthy” areas. This used to be called misappropriation of funds. Now, it is called saving the state.

Now that we understand what a written pension funding guarantee is worth, let’s read what R. Eden Martin has to say in his guise as humble reporter Eden Martin.

“The unions will have succeeded not only in knocking out (temporarily?) the reforms, but also in knocking out the funding guarantee in the reform bill. So state employees will actually be worse off.”

State employees will be worse off because they won’t have the written funding guarantee that has been ignored for decades? R. Eden Martin is spouting illogical logic.

C’mon, R. Eden. Where’s the threat?

“There won’t be enough real estate agents to show the newly listed homes in Chicago or the suburbs, and we’ll need fleets of moving vans to get folks to their new places in Florida, Texas and Tennessee.”

Fortunately, all the folks who live in the rest of the state outside of the metro-Chicago area will have nothing to worry about? That sounds rather snobbish, R. Eden. Since the City of Chicago has a separate teacher pension fund totally outside his topic, this makes even less sense. R. Eden is assuming that no one will notice, and his grumpy editor will give it a pass.

Move to Texas for a job? Has R. Eden ever examined salaries in Texas? Salaries in Florida and Tennessee are about as poor.

R.Eden Martin must have some form of personal financial gain in mind if he fronts for the aforementioned corporation and organization. What could his solution for this legislative created crisis be? What should the next governor do?

“Outsource a lot more functions to third-party contractors. And while we are at it, revisit Speaker Madigan’s idea of gradually shifting part of the responsibility for K-12 teachers pensions back to local school boards.”

Thank you, R. Eden Martin. Perhaps some of your third-party contractors and managers can get their hands on the money legally owed to active and retired teachers – money that greedy teachers would have received for making home payments or rent or car payments or medical costs or food or expenses to raise their own families and other frivolous things.

But, what will happen if we don’t follow R. Eden’s folksy advice?

What must the next governor promise to say and do?

“I can’t promise that I’ll win this fight. But I promise to do everything within my power as governor to keep Illinois from bleeding to death.”

Bleeding to death?

Bleeding to death?

Well, R. Eden, someone is certainly trying to bleed Illinois, and it sure isn’t greedy teachers.



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3 Responses to Kill the teachers or the state will bleed to death? – Propaganda 101

  1. Scott says:

    My reply to eden martin…

    You stated “pension reform would reduce the cost to the state and bring public pensions more into line with retirement plans available to folks in the private sector — the taxpayers.” Are you saying that since state and government employees are not “folks in the private sector” that they are NOT taxpayers?

    You suggested that we “cap salaries of non-retired folks in the state plans”. Yet you also want to bring things “more into line with… the private sector.” So does freezing salaries into the future also apply to private sector workers?

    You claimed that if the pension reform law is found to be unconstitutional, that “the unions will have succeeded.” If the court finds the law to be unconstitutional, that will be a verdict based upon constitutional principles and judicial opinion. It’s not up to the unions.

    You proposed that “the unions will have succeeded… in knocking out the funding guarantee in the reform bill.” Where is the threat there? First of all, the General Assembly has underfunded the pension systems consistently for decades. Secondly, the so-called funding “guarantee” is merely a promise. The General Assembly can amend that at any time if the situation in the future dictates it. That is not a guarantee!

    You wrote “I’ll veto any tax increase unless and until we’re on track to get to both a balanced budget and sustainable pension reform”. A balanced budget too? It is hard to imagine how we achieve a balanced budget if nothing is to be done about the revenue side of the ledger.

    Finally, I’m confused. I’m reading what is obviously an opinion piece, but it is found under the “news” heading on the Sun Times website. Why is that? This is obviously an editorial, not a news article.

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