In defense of Whoopi Goldberg: She needs to be educated about due process.

As most people know, Whoopi Goldberg was being raised by a single mother when she dropped out of high school about 40+ years ago, probably because her dyslexia interfered with her formal education. She became a phone sex operator and then left home and went overseas. Read HERE. This must have been a very difficult or even traumatic time for her.

She transformed herself into a superb comedian known for her scathing wit. Unfortunately, today she simply does not understand that tenure for all K-12 American teachers is not the way it is in movies about the dons at Oxford who do evil things yet keep their jobs no matter what. Teaching is not a guaranteed-for-life job as US Supreme Court judges have.

Whoopi and due process

This is a sad situation for Whoopi and a devastating situation for all of the teachers in America who have risked their jobs to advocate for children with dyslexia and other difficulties. Tenure is due process; teachers should not be fired without reason, without due process.

Please tell her that her TV microphone is huge and her celebrity status carries great weight. I love her comedic and acting abilities. I believe she is a basically good person. I believe she has been misinformed by financially powerful people, including the education news department of the TV network that has her show, The View. ABC education news is made possible by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which financially created Common Core State Standards,CCSS; Gates and his foundation advocate firing qualified, state certified, experienced teachers, especially those in unions. Read HERE.

Whoopi dyslexia

I choose to believe that Whoopi was not intentionally evil in her attacks on due process (tenure) for teachers. She, and hundreds of thousands of others in the general public, simply believed the propaganda repeated and repeated in the corporate owned major media sources which are also invested in Corporate Education Reform. The Corporate Industrial Complex is vast and its propaganda messages are intrusive and invasive.

Please email, tweet or otherwise contact Whoopi with the correct definition of tenure as you educate her about the scapegoating teachers are having inflicted upon them all across America. She needs massive amounts of our input; please help her understand.



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6 Responses to In defense of Whoopi Goldberg: She needs to be educated about due process.

  1. Dienne says:

    Sorry, but intentional or not, it is evil to spout off about something you know nothing about without doing your homework first. If she made similarly uninformed pronouncements about gay people, Asians, Jews, etc. would you be similarly forgiving?

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  4. patrickwalsh says:

    I doubt “most people know” much at all about how Whoopi Goldberg was raised and why on earth should they ? Of what import is it or her to their lives ? What is important is that this famous ignorant person used the corporate media at her disposal to help spread an insidious lie affecting the livelihoods of millions of teachers, thus directing assisting in union busting and the privatization of public education. As of yet I have heard nor read not a peep from this self righteous celebrity as to addressing or even qualifying her lie. What I have heard is her statement that her mother was a teacher ( just like Arne Duncan’s mother !) and this, therefore, somehow gives her credibility. My mother is a mother but I fail to see how this makes me an expert in motherhood.

    • Ken Previti says:

      You said it! That is why I take all of this back. (See a later blog.) Since Whoopi’s agent is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s brother who is out to destroy teachers’ tenure (due process) and unions, I retract and apologize for my naivete.

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