1/2 ¢ sales tax increase for schools? In a state that gives sales tax $$$$$ to multinational corporations?

When good, well-intentioned people, people who work hard to save our public schools, are scammed, it is very difficult to convince those people that they are being scammed.

Save Our Schools. This is a fine cause that thinking people across America know is a necessity if we intend to assure decent public education for all. What happens when a school superintendent and a school board ask for a 1/2¢ sales tax increase to support public schools?

Well, candidates for the coming school board elections repeat the pre-framed “two-sides” limited debate based on the same limited information. Read Florida Today HERE. This is as sad as can be imagined.

Half informed people and half informed candidates cannot make viable decisions.


As a “tax incentive” the state allows certain retail companies and many other corporations, businesses and organizations to keep the sales taxes and/or exchange them with other corporations.

*Major League Soccer – read the Miami Herald HERE.

*Hollywood producers (or any other film making corporations) up to $1 Billion- read the Florida Watchdog HERE.

*Scholarships to pay for-profit schools (or non-profits that use the money by paying for-profit contractors) – read The Ledger HERE.

*Vouchers for wide array of religious affiliated educational/job training organizations – read the Palm Beach Post HERE.

*Organizations that could swing votes to a particular political party or candidate – read Scathing Purple Musings HERE.

* Speaker of the House Will Weatherford’s new bill that expands even wider the giving away of sales tax money – read Bob Sikes’ blog HERE and additional sales tax exemptions detailed by the Florida Department of Revenue HERE.

Brian Binggeli

As Florida’s Brevard County Superintendent of Schools Brian Binggeli releases the smoke screen of “possible” cuts and costs, he has chosen to avoid telling the complete truth about sales taxes for public education that are not guaranteed to be used for public education. Even if there was some kind of written guarantee that this money would be used for public education, there is no guarantee that state legislators would not reduce state funding in proportion to what the sales tax brings in. The written guarantee can also be re-written by legislators whenever they meet in the future.

Brian Binggeli a

If Supt. Binggeli knows this without telling the public, he is being duplicitous and should be fired.

If Supt. Binggeli doesn’t know this, he is being incompetent and should be fired.

The same thing holds for our elected, paid school board members. Are they compliant and duplicitous or incompetent? Most of the school board candidates seem to feel that they may state unsubstantiated personal opinions on the limited pre-framed issues within the structures demanded of them by Supt. Binggeli and the present school board members. The non-publicized issues seem to be ignored by most candidates. Read what candidates have to say in Florida Today HERE.

All of the above information, and more, about giving away sales tax money is available to any curious person who performs a few Google searches. The salaried school superintendent and all of the paid school board members have no excuse for not knowing this.

Let’s stop the waste and craziness. Let’s show some pity for all of us who want very much to support and save our public schools while being half informed. Let’s demand the whole truth from our salaried school officials.

Let’s discuss actual public education issues rather than the created non-solution of a 1/2¢ sales tax increase.

By the way, what other counties and school boards across America are undergoing this same scam? Google it.



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