15-7= Private Profit Taken from Public Education Taxes

15-7=8 cannot be copyrighted for profit.


This example can be copyrighted for private profit from public education taxes.

The content can be copyrighted, the instructional materials (text books, worksheets, computer and online programs, supplemental staples in all versions, etc) can all be copyrighted as CCSS compliant for all state brands (Pearson and others) of mandated high stakes testing. Common Core State State Standards are privately licensed – ; CCSS is NOT governmentally owned or licensed. Read the license on its own site.

It is, of course, possible to rationalize and explain what concepts could be taught with examples such as this. Each and every particular math example can be defended on one basis or another, but that is not the point.

Is this valid? Does it teach what it is intended to teach.

Is it reliable? Does it work repeatedly to teach learners what it is intended to teach?

Is it age appropriate?

Is it better than non-copyrighted materials?

Is it cost effective?

Is it an intentionally poor example and standard that can later be improved upon and sold as an updated necessity? (The new and improved 15-7 proof.)

Please add your own questions from your own minds and experiences.

One main point is that this example and so very many other materials are meant to make additional private profits from public education taxes – starve public schools and the children in them while handing gobs of money to private investors.

Another main point is that our children are undergoing these experiences as human guinea pigs for the financial profits of multinational corporations and investors. A ten year experiment on a your child can leave terrible, life-long scars.

Bottom Line: It’s all about the bottom line profits for these corporate education profiteers.

Annual profits are billions of dollars going to profiteers around the world. This is what is behind 15-7 for our children.

To learn how to refuse, boycott and opt-out of testing for your own child. go to United Opt Out for state to state info and letters.



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2 Responses to 15-7= Private Profit Taken from Public Education Taxes

  1. I usually never say this, but WTF????!!!!!
    If I was a child with a dog, I’d FEED the dog the #!$& homework!!!!!!

  2. eatingon1 says:

    Why oh why people ask. There is this thing for the remaining few who actually program in machine language. The zeros and ones are based on register shifts. So in the very back cave of a huge building in Bathesda or somewhere Rand corporation has this guy. He is smiling. He thinks that using your fingers and toes to add is an- advancement. But the explanation is just so ridiculous. Of course. You can’t get this level of bull without someone storing up a bunch of c&^p.

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